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Published on Sep 11, 2011

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Vídeo actualizado a junio de 2012.

las armadas mas poderosas del mundo.
este ranking está basado en:
1º el estudio de las capacidades de alta mar. La guerra de minas y la defensa costera.
2ºdatos de las marinas.
3ºEn la fuerza de escolta, en la capacidad antiaérea. Destaco la capacidad AEGIS de países aliados de los americanos y la capacidad del SA-N-6 ruso. Me parece de una importancia vital destacar la capacidad de estos sistemas para interceptar un ataque de misiles de crucero, hacer control de tráfico aéreo y, quizás en el futuro cercano, la interceptación de un ataque de misiles balísticos y el uso de este sistema de combate en la guerra espacial antisatélite.
4ºEn el aprovisionamiento logístico, únicamente en el aprovisionamiento de combustible en alta mar. Entiendo que el aprovisionamiento de sólidos, munición, etc, se puede realizar con la marina civil (el caso inglés en la guerra de las Malvinas),. en petroleros militares de la capacidad de proyección oceánica y la importancia que tiene ésta en el orden de batalla de una armada.
5ºEn la fuerza submarina entre SSBN (misiles balísticos), SSN (propulsión nuclear) y SS (motor diesel-eléctrico). más importancia a la capacidad nuclear submarina por motivos evidentes.
6ºPoder aéreo y fuerza submarina puntúan triple.
7ºEste ránking en ningún caso indica quién le ganaría la guerra a quién, ya que en combate entran en juego muchos factores que aquí no aparecen reseñados (otras armas, experiencia de combate, si los buques los fabrica o no el propio país, antigüedad de la flota, presencia de bases en el exterior, etc).

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Hao Li
JMSDF #9? you underrated them too much.
Gaming Tutorials
India is on 10 really??? :'|
Biz Türk'ler gördüğüm kadar listede yok. :)
Courtland Miller
To everyone on here claiming China, India or Russia (or any other country) should be better than Britain, well that just goes to show you have no understanding of sea power and the implications of various types of fleets. Naval warfare and seapower arent focused on who would neccesarily bring the most cannons to a fleet vs fleet open battle, actually that even occuring would be highly unlikely among the more powerful navies. Maybe the Indian and Chinese fleets would scrap it out old school, but an American vessel would more likely use its far superior weapons and technology, and better trained personnel, to destroy an entire enemy squadron from an untouchable distance. The ONLY 3 countries that currently possess and "blue water navy" (which means the navy has the capability to conduct sustained, independent expeditionary operations and have complete global reach capabiities) are the United States, France and the United Kingdom. The Soviet Union had this capability but lost its blue-water status after the dissolution of the USSR and the Russian navy currently has not returned to that level. This also isnt an opinion, those 3 navies are widely recognized as having the only blue water navies in the world. So of course the USA has the largest, best equipped, most advanced, best equipped and most powerful navy in the world, in the history of the world even, and the UK and France are the only other navies with global reach and blue-water status. So in the most technical terms, those 3 navies are in fact rightfully at the top of the food chain. While there are quite powerful other navies, that may even stand to defeat a blue water force in ope battle, under the modern ideas of seapower, reach and technological and strategic advancement, they remain outpaced by forces with the kind of force projection that blue water navies achieve.
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I'm British and I think UK should be 4th, after USA, Russia, China and India
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Augustus Caesar
guys this all wrong North korea has second strongest navy 
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Amazing Deepak
India has 2 aircraft carriers..only the 2nd nation to have 2 along with Italy and its on 10th?? It has Nuclear subs and the only country outside the UN Security Council to have developed Nuclear subs with its own technology! 
Alex Leoncoeur
España es ahora la sexta armada
lou garcia
go usa!!
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Dean Counts
Britain no longer has its pocket carriers as shown in this video, until they launch their new carriers you should drop them to fourth behind France and Russia who both have very advanced navies with several nuclear missile subs thus no advantage there of note for the UK and the UK has nothing currently to match the De Gaulle or Kuznetsov, obviously someone from the from the UK will be biased and disagree or a anglophile but that is reality for now
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