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Published on Feb 9, 2010

All Of Creation written by Mercyme inspired by God.
Album out May, 2010
Find more information at www.mrlovewell.com

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Jebus Matoi
One of, if not, the most powerful song MercyMe has ever written. I love these guys.
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Joshua Silva-ponte
Think this powerful, listen to mercyme song called Even If.
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James Yako
He is worthy of all the glory and honor!
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Honestly, this might be one of the best Christian songs ever written.  It's completely underrated by people.  But O Well, it's popular with me and God.  :)
Garrett Cornelius Moore
I cannot express how much I love God. He has brought me out of mental illness, hard times with school, and much more. I will serve him for the rest of my days on this earth!
Rick Eranis
Garrett Cornelius Moore and I know you are grateful,. all the more to sing his praises. for all to hear! This world needs testimonies like yours!!;. Amen and be blessed.
I cant wait till the day comes I get to actually hug Jesus and lay my head upon his shoulder as a daughter would a father.  
Impractical Artist
:D ikr? thinking about that day sends chills up my arms!
Victor Casillas
God walk with me and remove my cancer...
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MineCraft BigFoot
I will pray for you
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Randall Kay
let's rejoice together and join God
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Steve Thompson
Amen brother!!
Jonhness Davey
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the rudest of clouds
I remember listing to this nearly every day when I was 6-10, I hated in then, but now I see why it's so good. the who love well album are MAGNAFLORIOUS! yes I made it up, shut up.
Mike Derenne Jr
won't lie I'm not religious at all but I love this group
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Seth Weber
Satan rules this world. Once Adam and Eve decided to deceive and disobey God, God said "Fine. If you think you can live without me, then I will allow Satan to claim rule over the world." To this day we are all born in sin from what Adam and Eve did and how Satan deceived them to do evil. Not God's fault, it's Satan. But wait, then why is there evil? Because God gave us free will and he waits patiently in belief that we will one day do the right thing and find that we actually need him.
A.E.Knapp & Associates, LLC
Mike, Mr Gunnisons's argument is weak. And I am sorry he is ignorant to the real world that questions why we believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Your question of "if God is Real, then why are there children dying in hospitals, and people dying of cancer, etc". is such a valid question, but the answer is not so easy to explain. God loves us more than anything we can imagine, so much that he sent his only son, Jesus, to live among us and die for our sins, all our mistakes that we make. He sent his son to die on a cross, so we could be saved from living an eternity not knowing who God is and be separated from him. God has promised us eternal life with him , if we believe in him and his son. We can not know God unless we understand why he sent Jesus, and believe that he is the Son of God. While God promises eternal life to believers, he does not promise that our journey will be easy. It will be filled with pain at times, and there will be time when things are falling apart, a child dies, a divorce happens, a job is lost.... It is in those times that we are to look to God for comfort and know that he is in control and everything happens for a reason and that we learn from our mistakes and we are stronger and able to help someone else by the things that we have gone though. If we did not have a need for God, we would not seek to know him. God knows who you are. You like the songs for a reason, it is the Holy spirit calling you, It is God trying to speak to you. All you need to do is open the door and invite God in. Your one step of faith to come to know God will change your life forever and you will never be the same person again.
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Dario D
I'm not really religious either....kinda lost..but love the music and it's power.
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Sara Austin
Your honesty is what God Loves. Even though you feel lost, he is right there by your side, helping you through your struggles, and speaking to you through songs like this one. #HonestFaith
Lil C
Dario D it's about having a relationship☁️❤️not going by religions (government) therefor God is the Holy Ghost , The Messiah 🌈☁️☀️🌎 The creator , Your creator
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