Author Tom Ballantyne Explains Why He Confronted Candidates About Obama's Eligibility





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Published on May 2, 2012

LINKS: Author Tom Ballantyne Explains Why He Confronted Senate Candidates About Obama's Eligibility - http://www.BirtherReport.com - WATCH TOM CONFRONT CANDIDATES HERE: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogsp...

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I concur !!!
I supported Paul in '08 as well and do this year, but with much less enthusiasm. I never thought in a million years we would go 4 years without him or his son attacking the biggest attack in the history of our Const. But, in this field, he's far and away the best candidate.
These days within the United States will be known as The Great Betrayal.
Amen to that, I especially want to know why the conservative media ignores this issue. It is a contradiction to everything they stand for. They curse the liberal media for not reporting anything negative about Obama. They think he is a great threat to the future of America, they say they are constitutionalists, they say we are a nation of laws not men, & the whole time there is an enormous pink elephant crushing their balls & they won't do a damn thing to remove it. (by elephant I mean the GOP)
This entire Congress with the exceptions, is Full of it and they Know the kenyan boy is as illegal as some poor Mexican that just crossed the border without any papers. That's bull what's going on and you all Know they have a Hidden agenda like "AGENDA 21"..Got to awaken all them Sheeple Big GOV. knows that's their ACE, no Pun Intended in the HOLE. Once them Good Ole Boys finally wake up to the fact their Pres. is an iLLeGAL aLieN their gonna Come Out Shootin, the real Party is about to Begin...
Mark Quinn
"...Explains Why He Confronted Candidates About Obama's Eligibility" Explains??? It needs no explanation. I want an explanation about why every author, journalist, judge, lawyer, politician and voter ISN'T confronting the issue.... Perpetually. 
Mark Quinn
And don't forget all the crying from the conservative media about how it's going to be so hard to repeal all the laws and executive orders, and yet it could all vanish in one fell swoop if they just tackled this one issue head on. I don't know your thoughts on Ron Paul, but I've been a supporter of his since before 2008. And yet, even in this great "champion of the Constitution" we see cowardice in the face of the greatest constitutional sacrilege in 230+ years. Shameful. 
Frosty Thesnowman
they are in on the cover up they should be brought down Republicans are worse than oboma they know he is a illegal alien an in on the cover up that is worse
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." ~George Orwell
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