Interview with an Incel: When Sexual Rejection Turns to Hate - Ep. XXXII





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Premiered Feb 27, 2020

Incels, or "involuntary celibates", make up an online subculture of primarily straight men who, for one reason or another, consider themselves unable to attract a mate.

Peering inside incel forums reveals an dark, ideological world characterized by self loathing or self pity, hopelessness, misanthropy, misogyny, and racism. Incels who have taken the "black pill" believe that they have accepted deep, uncomfortable 'truths' about genetic determinism, 'female nature, and their impacts on society, while the rest of us are living in a "blue pilled" or "red pilled" fantasies.

In light of recent incel mass murders, and a feeling of growing discontent among dejected males in Western Society, The Multiversity Project feel that it is important to understand this growing movement. What causes some people to turn towards hatred? And is the twisted ideology of the Blackpill pointing towards some truths that mainstream society may be missing?

Joined by special guest, "John Doe." Listen for an interview, conversation, and debate with a member of one of the most controversial ideologies of our time.

4:30 How John got into incel ideology
8:00 Free speech on reddit vs incel
10:30 What is an incel? Can women be incels?
13:30 Introducing the ideologies of the manosphere - incel, The Red Pill, MGTOW, and the blackpill
16:45 The extreme lengths blackpillers wiill go to to “fraud their genetics”
19:00 The Blue Pill, vs. The Red Pill, vs. The Black Pill
23:00 Chad, Stacy, and the characters of incel lingo
24:40 Painting a picture of a chad
30:00 Brad, Chadlite, Normie, Failed Normie, Incel, Trucel
31:30 Race (and racism) and inceldom
34:00 First commentary section (racism)
39:35 What makes you an incel?
40:20 Misogyny
43:00 "I'm not gonna lie, we do hate women. That's just the way it is."
46:07 Second commentary section (misogyny)
53:40 More misogyny
56:35 What is the rule?
59:45 Do incel mass murderers tell us something about the incel mindset?
1:03:15 The beta uprising
1:04:00 Switch to free flow
1:05:50 Is hopelessness a self-fulfilling prophecy?
1:07:00 mindsets by Carole Dweck
1:14:00 John quits his web development job because it's not comfortable enough
1:21:10 Can hard work lead to improvement?
1:22:30 Genetic expression
1:25:00 If you can ruin your SMV, why can't you improve it?
1:30:00 History of sexual selection
1:43:00 Women calling the police on creepy guys
1:48:00 Does personality matter?
1:57:10 You're not God
1:53:44 Why not date less attractive women?
1:56:26 Hypergamy, polyamory, Tinder, and the new sexual marketplace
2:02:40 Is sex a fundamental need?
2:06:30 Why not date less attractive women?
2:07:00 Is John a "volcel"?
2:08:00 Hypergamy/polygyny
2:17:00 Female doctors
2:18:00 Who has it harder, men or women?
2:29:00 Is it better to be a slave, or free?
2:31:10 "Slaves to our desires"
2:36:06 Third commentary (Who has it harder, men or women?)
2:48:10 What should be done, given the black pill ideology?


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- https://incels.co -- warning, disturbing content
- https://incels.wiki -- warning, disturbing content
- "Study: Women on Birth Control Prefer Less Masculine Men"
- 'Suspicious man' sought for approaching women in Canada
- "The Unbelievable Rise in Single Motherhood in America over the Last 50 Years"
- Arielle's article on divorce courts:


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