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Uploaded on Aug 18, 2009

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As part of my de-cluttering process, I unload a lot of my stuff and random items by selling it on on Ebay. If you have never done it before, you will probably be surprised at how easy it is and how quick you can make a little money. Last time I de-cluttered, I made over $200 for only a few hours worth of time. This is a perfect follow-up to some major closet simplification. So, if you have a few hours of spare time, this may be a good way to make a few bucks.

Video Transcription:

Bob: Hey everybody this is Bob with ChristianPF.com, and I wanted to talk a
little bit about selling on eBay. I get quite a few questions about this,
and so I figured I would make a little screen cast about it. For new eBay-
ers, the first thing you want to do is head on over to eBay.com, click on
register and this is going to take you through a basic registration
process. Nothing unique really from any other website., Really simple, you
don't have to pay anything to sign up, once you've signed up you can buy
and sell on eBay, and you're good to go.

Next thing I recommend for new eBay sellers is to actually buy a few items,
and get their feedback score built up. The reason being is that eBay is
such a feedback-based community that it really helps if you have a little
bit of a feedback built up. So, for instance this guy right here only has
three different transactions, and has 100% rating, but only over three
transactions. I would feel much more comparable buying from someone who has
100 or 1000, or 10,000 different transactions with a really good rating.
And most eBay-ers actually do have that. But, this is a whole lot better
than zero right here.

So, I recommend definitely buying some things and getting some feedback.
That will help as a seller, it will make buyers feel a little bit more
comfortable buying from you.

And when you're trying to decide what items to sell, share for the brand-
name items you have, no-name brands or brands that people don't really care
about are a bit more difficult to sell. So, for instance if I have some
kind of off brand dress shirts, and some Banana Republic dress shirts, it's
the Banana ones that are going to sell. Just from my experience if you have
a brand-name, you can sell it that way or if it's really unique in some

I had these black fake leather dress pants that I sold, and there were some
lame brand, but a lot of people were typing in black leather dress pants.
Those were easy to sell, so that's kind of the exception. But, typically
just go after brand names, this tend to work the best.

And, when you're selling them make sure that, one of the things that I see
a lot of people mess up on, make sure you take a bunch of pictures and make
sure they're good pictures. Have a lot of lighting in the room when you're
taking them, make sure that there not blurry, use the best camera that you
can find, and take a bunch of them. If you use a service like Auctivia,
Auctiva.com, you can host all of these pictures on their website, I think
up to 16 or 20 and they only charge like two bucks a month. So you can sell
all your stuff, sign-up for a month and then cancel, and it only costs you
a couple of bucks.

When you are listing the items I like to batch it and do it all at once. I
try to do it in the evening, maybe 6 to 9 Central standard Time, that's
where I am. The reason I do that is because you want people to be at home
when those auctions end. So, if you're up at three in the morning listing
your items, unless you schedule it, it's going to end at three in the
morning and people are going to be asleep, and they're probably not going
to be staying up to date on your item. Unless it's that great.

Make sure you're paying attention to when you're starting these auctions,
because by default they will end then unless you schedule them.

Let's see, what else? This is another big one, a lot of people, a lot of
the new eBay-ers, don't check their messages, and buyers will ask you
questions about your items that you list. For instance, my wife will list
clothes, and it's really funny for women clothes. But, people will ask her
all kinds of questions and asked about how many inches it is from this spot
to this spot, what color, what shade of Tiffany blue is that? Different
questions that I can't really answer, but that she knows the answers to.
But, it is good to answer those questions, because if people are asking
them then they are interested buyers or potential buyers. Do make sure that
you check your messages and answer those questions.


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