Take Me To Zanzibar - International Juggler 2011




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Published on Apr 12, 2011

News: Added lyrics below. Full details here: http://www.lukeburrage.com/juggler201...

Here's a video I play during my stage show, and I play along with piano and sing too. It's the best footage I've got of me juggling around the world from February 2009 to January 2011.

Lyrics (old lyrics, I think they've changed a bit since the last time I read them):

In my home town of Berlin
I'm know as quite the traveler
I juggle everywhere I go
I've sailed around Cape Horn
I've jumped over the equator
I juggle everywhere I go.

By the lights of New York City
On an island paradise
On cliffs of Santorini
In a bar that's made of ice
These places sure look great, but just wait, there's one place I want to be so take me.

Take me to Zanzibar
But first I'll ride this elephant in India
See the midnight sun in Norway
See the burning hill in Turkey
Bazars in Oman
Bridges in Italy
And ride this boat round volcanoes in Papa New Guinea

I went up the Arctic
And I saw the icecaps melting
and in Spitzbergen
I saw no polar bears
And yet down in Dubai
they're building pointless pointy buildings
things like ski slopes in the desert,
why build ski slopes in the desert?

If you want to slide down ice
Why not try a mountain,
like this glacier in Argentina
where I lost my clubs that day.

If you want a grand adventure
Climb this hill in Montenegro!
Why not climb this dune in France?
Why not climb these rocks in Spain?

Take me to Zanzibar
But first I'll freeze my hands off in Antarctica
You know that Greenland's pretty icy
And Iceland's pretty green.
But the Faroe Islands are the greenest place I've ever been
They even put grass on the roof of their parliament building

Take me to Zanzibar.
But first I'll take the scenic route round Africa
I'll see the Suez Canal in Egypt
The Mosque in Casablanca
The caves in Tanzania
And Fort Jesus in Kenya
Then trek across the sand dunes in the desserts of Namibia.

I think I've got to go a bit faster
or else this list will take forever
No one cares about places like Belgium
No one's ever been to Malta

I'm kidding, of course, Liechtenstein is important for tax reasons
And we fought a war over the Falklands
Columbus is buried in the Dominican Republic
And some pretty good movies are set in Scotland

The people who live there probably care about Estonia
And this one place in Denmark is kind of pretty
Corsica? Napoleon. Austria? Hitler.
Poland? The Last Pope. Albania? No idea.
But I know that in Uruguay they really care about football. And horses.

Take me to Zanzibar
but first I'll take a trip round the Americas.
I'll go to Acapulco Mexico
The Panama Canal
Swing by Costa Rica
And Bogota, Colombia
And Caribbean island after
Caribbean island after
Caribbean island after
Caribbean island.

Take me to Zanzibar
but first I'll juggle for kangaroos in Australia
I've juggled in the smallest and the largest countries on the earth.
I've juggled in the lowest place I can for what it's worth
And of course, I've juggled in England
That's the country of my birth

Won't you take me back to Zanzibar.


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