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Published on Feb 14, 2012

Produced by the Atheist Community of Austin.
The Atheist Experience # 748 Clip.
Hosted by Russell Glasser Don Baker.
February 12, 2012

This caller begins by asking a question about the second coming of Christ, and the differences between the Jewish version and Christian version of the Messiah's return. The caller then asks a question about a particular Jewish miracle which claims to have been witnessed by 600, 000 people. Russell and Don remind the caller that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

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Comments • 471

Coy Hampton
Jesus has not returned because he's just not that into you.
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Coy Hampton when they said they saw Christopher rise from the dead, I was kinda happy and hopeful for a second.
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He was going to come back but because of financial difficulties the project was cancelled.  
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+Katherine Daniel yeah, they canceled the second coming for yet another sims. Fuck EA.
Katherine Daniel
Fifty bucks says it was somehow EA Games' fault.
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Rolf Leseratz
Jesus has a basic problem with coming to this planet, he just does not exist. 
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+Patrick Saxon "Revelations with many biblical prophecies reveals that Jesus is coming back very soon." ...and they have been for nearly 2000 years now. JC was supposed to return within the lifetime of the apostles. "Many are receiving dreams and visions of biblical prophecies from the lord." ...again, this is neither new, nor have such dreams been on the increase lately (quite the opposite). Christianity is in a perpetual state of near-Apocalypse since the first easter! Your prophets cried Wolf! way too many times for anyone to take them seriously anymore.
Rolf Leseratz
+Patrick Saxon​ ROTFL The immoral bible is bullshit made up by stupid nomadic goat fuckers that had no idea about reality and by unknown professional liars. There are no gods. Visions and dreams are the result of neurochemical processes in the brain. Obviously you lack knowledge and understanding of how the brain works. That's why you believe in bullshit.
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'How can things be claimed in a book, if they didn't actually happen?' Gee....I guess you've never been to a comic book store?
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The Reasonable Atheist
+leedougie Jay It's way too easy to get into Hell, and a loving caring God would not make this the case...  He would make temptation to sin non existent if he was loving and caring.  He would have created a world where everyone can love each other and where war is a non existent concept. If the afterlife is where reward or punishment was handed out via "ecstasy" or "torment" then there wouldn't be torment and ecstasy on this plane. It all makes absolutely no sense, when you think about the God of the bible and heaven and hell.  People can repent, meaning that while I would be in hell as a good caring loving kind man who simply didn't believe in God; there would be murderers and child raping priests in heaven who repented for their sins. I don't believe in that shit for one second, sorry to say.
wodenschild 1488
+The Reasonable Atheist IDK if it's real but I feel like its real and when I die I believe I will either feel torment or ecstasy depending on my words and actions on this plane then my energy will return to nature or the nearest conscious animal that fits my personality ik I could be wrong .. but I'd rather feel no suffering if it's unnecessary
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Els Verwilgen
He's gonna be so miffed if he comes back. Crosses everywhere! Like that's a moment he wants to be reminded of.
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Well, since he watches you masturbate (together with his dad, wich is kinda weird), I'd assume he knows about the crosses. And since he willingly sent himself to earth to become human and ultimately sacrifice himself onto himself in order to make up for some broad eating some fruit once, I think he knows what people might focus on afterwards... but still, must be triggering for him anyhow :)
anonymous johnson
Yes, if he was hanged people would be wearing nooses around their neck. If he had been executed with an electric chair, people would be wearing little electric chairs around their neck. Even the bible states not to have any graven images, but we see crosses almost everywhere. I think they use crosses as a guilt factor.
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Martin Lagerwey
In the year 1000, England had a strong movement expecting Jesus to return.  It was changed to 1033 adding the age of Jesus to the millenium.  Hundreds of  predictions have all been wrong.  If someone is that late, he might not be coming.  How does this not register?  
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Tony Piano
When advanced human civilization finally goes down the toilet, goddites - if there are still any left, can say, "See? Cheezus finally dropped in!"
Martin Lagerwey
+Сергей Галиуллин There have been mass extinctions in the history of life on earth before. Some were caused by external forces (asteroids) others by non intelligent life forms such as algae changing atmospheric conditions and global warming. Is the next agent of change also lacking intelligence? That would be ironic. I do not know for sure but my answer is certainly influenced by a large dose of wishful thinking. :)
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Mr .Creosote
I haven't had a hard on for five years, but last week the old fella rose from the dead, a massive resurrection. So, does my hard on prove God? if so, then God is a stiff dick. 
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Moe Munny
And heaven is a warm, wet, TIGHT pussy !!
Mr .Creosote
+Baron von Quiply Don't you mean more of a res-erection 
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David  marzolino
Jesus has been cumming for two thousand years now, for God's sake when is he going to nut already.
Tony Piano
Xians must be a great lay - he doesn't wanna stop FUCKING them!!
Moe Munny
If jeezus is fucking GOD, why does he have to "come back" to do shit about shit?
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Bruce Baker
+anonymous johnson some Christians don't believe Krishna is god. All of them, in fact. Go figure. 
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Peter Gaul
Hitchen rose? A million witnesses? The messiah has returned!
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