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Published on Nov 17, 2013

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We witnessed the lion hunting zebras during a gamedrive while on an african safari in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. The lion is hunting zebras when they are drinking at a waterplace. The lion is hunting the zebras. The panicked and running zebras create a dust cloud in which the lion attacks a zebra. In the lion vs zebra battle, the lion kills the zebra almost, but the zebra has some unexpected strength. Instead of the lion killing the zebra, the zebra strikes back by biting the lion's body and leg. That hurts the lion so much, it loses it's grip and because of that the zebra escapes the lion's attack.

This video is a compilation of three videos we've made on our safari. First the lion hunting zebras, followed by the lion attack a zebra and finally the lion vs zebra battle in which the lion kills the zebra were it not for the zebra to surprise the lion and manage to escape. The lion is holding on to the zebra, but despite the lions efforts, it has to let the zebra go at some point of the fight.

This lion vs zebra battle is recorded during an African safari in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, November 2013. Before the great migration of wildebeest / gnu, the herd of zebras arrive at the plains first. The lion hunts the zebras, but it looks like it can better wait for the big migration of wildebeest to arrive instead of hunting zebras as the lion couldn't kill the zebra.

While zebras are drinking at a waterplace, they're vulnerable for hunting lions. It's a favourite moment for lions hunting zebras to try to kill a zebra as they make a good lion's meal. Lions are well capable of spotting a weaker animal in the herd and aim for that zebra to catch. But this lion is hunting the wrong zebra and has to let go in the end.

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