Married To The Game A Justin Dior Love Story Chapter30





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Uploaded on Jul 4, 2011

Jacque: *shakes her head and walks back to her desk*

Russell: *walks in* Well that looks like it went well.

Jacque: *smiles*

Russell: I Dont Understand your past with him.

Jacque: *smiles* Its nothing. Theres nothing between us. *smiles*

Russell: As Long as it doesnt get in the way of you and this amazing oppurtunity im fine.

Jacque: *smiles* It wont.

Russell: Good because i set up a photoshoot for you later on today.

Jacque: Sounds, good. Whats it for?

Russell: Pastry.

Jacque: Okay.

Russell: Ill e-mail you the details, the photoshoot is at 4, but be there at 3 for hair and make-up.

Jacque: Okay, and thank you so much.

Russell: *smiles* You're going to go places, im just helping you get there.

Jacque: Thank you.

Russell: No Problem *walks out*

Jacque: *calls Justin*

Jus-Hey babe.
Jac-Hey baby.
Jus-How's you're first day going?
Jac-Good, i have a photoshoot today at 4.
Jus-Word? Ima try and make it out.
Jac-Try? I thought practice ended at 2.
Jus-It got extended, because we need to work on our defense and left wing.
Jac- *sighs* Okay.
Jus- I love you baby okay?
Jac-Love you too babe.
Jus-I gotta go, ill call you later beautiful.
Jus-*hangs up*

-At the Photoshoot-

Jacques POV- I got to the photoshoot and i had no idea what was going on, i was rushed into hair and make-up and i swear if one more person pulled or jerked me they were getting punched. Jacque doesnt like when she doesnt know whats going on. But whatever, i got out of hair and make-up and was hustled into wardrobe. I was put into this (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=33...) honestly i wouldnt be caught dead in this, all of this shit is hideous and too simple. But whatever i got on set and started doing my thing. They said i was done with this one and i had to go change, as im walking off to my dressing room i bumped into someone-

Jacque: *turns to the person* Excuse you.

??: No Excuse you.

Jacque: Excuse me but who the fuck are you?

Diggy: *wraps his arms around ?? from behind* Hey Jess.

Jessica: *turns around* Hey baby. *kisses him*

Diggy: *pulls away*

Jessica: *looks at Jacque* And why are you still like standing there?

Jacque: *looks at her* Because i like can *white girl voice* (LOLOLOL)

Jessica: Wait arent you Jacque?

Jacque: No shit.

Jessica: You're the rookie they brought in *laughs*

Diggy: Damn, rookie at global grind AND rookie at Pastry?

Jacque: But not a rookie at breaking faces.

Jessica: Or putting people into comas, look new girl. Learn your role which is being silent until you are spoken to..got it?

Jacque: No listen here poodle looking tramp, i will say, do & Hit who ever i want. So this is your role, stay the fuck out of my way and dont mention me. Got it?

Jessica: You know what! *gets in her face*

Director: Jessica on set please!

Jessica: Ohh, youre so lucky girl.

Jacque: I can feel the angels around me, ofcourse i am. *sarcastic* Shove it. *walks away*

Diggy: *pulls her back* Watch yourself.

Jacque: Yeah i know i might get rabies from your poodle, but dont worry ill call the pound if she gets too close. *laughs and walks into her dressing room*

Jacques POV- I couldnt help but get jealous. Something in me just wanted to kill that girl for being there, its not like i like Diggy or anything. I just dont want him to be with anyone. Whatever i got changed into another ugly outfit and went out on set (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=33...) I was out of my dressing room in time to see Jessica on set. perfect time to outshine her, i went on set and posed, what people didnt know about me was in highschool i was offered a contract with ford modeling agency, but once again i turned it down because i didnt want to distract from Justin. The photographer was french Gilles Bensimon he only spoke French. Obviously i speak French (i took it in highschool) so i was able to communicate with him better than jessica ever could. He like me more, he said in french how bad Jessica was and how ugly her poses were. For my last outfit, Angela & Vanessa gave me permission to pick out my own outfit. I HAD to put some swag into this photoshoot, i re-did my hair and picked out this (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=33...) I came out and everbody stared, especially Diggy. His eyes were wide as fuck and his mouth hung open. I walked right past him and flashed a smile at him as I went on set and made everyone forget Jessica was even there. First fight DING DING, Jacque Wins. Ofcourse. ;)

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