How to integrate the natural being - Interview with Guruji Sri Vast Part 5





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Published on Apr 5, 2012

How to integrate the natural being - Interview with the enlightened spiritual master Guruji Sri Vast http://www.srivast.org/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Guruji...

Guruji Sri Vast is an enlightened Mystic and spiritual Master teaching a universal language of love and compassion, a joyful wisdom towards Total Liberation. Guruji reveals the mystery and interplay between God, Human and Nature, awakening mankind to a deeper understanding of our life and purpose on this planet, so that we can live in our full potential and explore the wholeness of our Existence.

In these series of interviews Guruji Sri Vast brings clarity into these profound topics: Spiritual life, Education, Society, Gender, Family, Living in harmony with Nature, Authenticity, the Natural human, Community living, Love, Acceptance and much more

In part four of this interview series we explore questions like: How can we live in a way that is supporting mother earth? How to be Eco-friendly? What does Eco-friendly mean? How to be happy? What is happiness? Why we consume? What is natural? How to be natural? Welcome to an Inspiration towards self-transformation.

How to support Mother Earth?

Question: Is an ascetic life or disciplined life useful, what is your way, how do you integrate the natural being

Guruji Sri Vast:
I don’t recommend you to live as monk, I recommend you to live as a monkey. Naturally! See, the monkeys, have you ever seen monkeys doing yoga? doing meditation? Chanting or doing any spiritual practices? No, that means that all the monkeys are enlightened, see? Only as a human being we are doing so many practices to feel good. So, It is important that you are reaching a state where you don’t have to practice anything. Because life becomes real, until that we practice. “I practice this I practice that” For what? To become all right, to become correct, to become perfect but all the practices you are practising must help you to reach a state where you don’t have to practice anything. So I recommend a state of non practising, just living. You live the life, you are not practising. Discipline? I recommend you to live in your senses. The one who is not able to sense the life needs external instructions and those instructions we call disciplines. Say now we are having an interview, it is natural for people to not make any noise, they sense and they are being silent. If they are not able to sense we have to tell: “keep quiet”. Then because of the instruction they keep quiet. So we can say: “oh they are highly disciplined because of the instruction, but I don’t believe in that”. I believe in a natural sensing, because a person is able to sense the life naturally so they no need to have any instruction about how the life is. Your question about whether it is good to live as a monk? why not? but the question is, why not live as a punk? I don’t see the difference between these both, the monk may identify oneself as a monk and get stuck with that identity, and the punk may identify himself within this and he may be stuck as a punk the rest of his life, he may not know what is meditation and the monk may not know what music is. I recommend you to not judge yourself, to not categorize yourself, to not give a particular identity to yourself and get stuck in that identity. Be authentic and natural, what is authentic? What is natural is authentic. And the question of what is natural you have to go deep inside to find, beyond your religious, cultural understandings. So, I don’t recommend anything but I see that the life needs to be open, you are so important, there is one moon, one sun, and one you, there is no photocopy of you. You are so important. 4.4 billion years of life in this planet and you are the only person like you. After you no one is going to come back like you. The way you smile only you can smile, the way you taste this cup of tea in your mouth, it can taste like this only in your mouth. The way you are structured is only you, the way you think is only you. you are not one more human being, you are the only human being like this, you are an endangered species, without you this planet, this life is missing something, and I want everyone to find that. This “me” who is this? One you, one moon, one sun, my god, and what to do with this only one person like this.

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