Our Time Is Here [ A Jemi Story ] Ep 22





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Published on Sep 9, 2009


Episode 22

Starring: Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, David Henrie, Taylor Swift, Chelsea Staub and Cody Linley.

Demi: *runs to her tree house and sits under a tree, crying*

Joe: *catch her up and saw her sitting alone crying* Demi. *walks to her* Demi.

Demi: Go away! *wipes her tears but it keeps on rolling down*

Joe: Look, Im sorry. I know I suppose not too climb YOUR tree house.

Demi: Its not that. *hugs her knees*

Joe: Then what?

Demi: *sighs* Its just that I still think that I like you. *face him*

Joe: *face her* So, you dont like me?

Demi: No, thats not what I mean. Im not supposed to like you, youre my bestfriend and youre dating somebody else right now.

Joe: Hey, I broke up with Taylor at the same time after I read your letter that day, 2 years ago. *looks away*

Demi: Its not Taylor, Chelsea. *looks down*

Joe: *turns to her* How did you know?

Demi: Selena.

Joe: Right. *takes her face* Hey, nothing is going to break us apart okay? Not even Chelsea. No on else.

Demi: *smiles*

Jemi: *looks deeply in each others eyes*

Joe: *leans in*

Demi: *nervous but leans in too*

Joe: *smiles and kiss her*

Demi: *deepens the kiss*

Joe: *push her to the ground and starts French kissing her*

~15 minutes later~

Demi: *pulls away out of breath*

Joe: *smiles at her*

Demi: *blushing* This is wrong. I better get going. *runs away*

Joe: *looking at her smiling*

~The next day~

Demi: *taking order* Yes, miss. How can I help?

??: Umm, Ill have 2 latte and 2 plain bagels.

Demi: Sure. *hands her the food* Thanks for coming.

??: Your welcome. Umm, have I seen you before?

Demi: Umm, excuse me?

??: No, your face. I think Ive seen you before.

Demi: Oh. I think so I know you but I cant remember.

??: Im Chelsea. Chelsea Staub.

Demi: Gotcha!

Chelsea: What?

Demi: Chelsea, the girl from the Maths Club right?

Chelsea: Yes. *smiles* And you are?

Demi: Im Demi. The tomboy girl who uses the skateboard, sliding to her class.

Chelsea: Oh! *looks at her* Oh my gosh! You look TOTALLY different! Thats why I cant figure who you are! You look much more prettier!

Demi: Thanks. Umm, Id loved to have a chat with you but I have work to do.

Chelsea: Right. Umm, see ya next time. *walks away*

Demi: Will do. *thinking* -Thats Joes new girlfriend. Much more pretty than me.- *looks down*


Chelsea: Hey Joe. *hands him the food* Here you go.

Joe: Thanks. What takes it so long?

Chelsea: Oh, guess what?

Joe: What? *eating his bagel*

Chelsea: I saw Demi just now.

Joe: *choked* Demi? *drinks his latte* What is she doing here?

Chelsea: Umm, shes working at the Starbucks.

Joe: *thinking* -Shes working at there?! And I dont even know! How could she didnt tell me about it.- Oh, really?

Chelsea: You dont seems shocked. Isnt youre waiting for her all this while?

Joe: Yeah, we met yesterday at the reunion.

Chelsea: Oh, I see. So, is that it?

Joe: What?

Chelsea: Hey, Joe. Our relationship is not OFFICIAL and I know you still likes Demi. And you said that until Demi comes back you will think back that you will keep going on with me or we break up.

Joe: Oh, that thing.

Chelsea: So?

Joe: Let me think about it. How about you?

Chelsea: I think lets end it here.

Joe: *turns to her* Are you sure?

Chelsea: Positive. *hugs him* But, well still friends right?

Joe: Definitely.

Chelsea: Thanks, Joe.

Joe: Thanks to you too. *smiles*

~Later that night after Demi finishes her work~

Demi: *takes out her bag from her locker* Hmm, tired. *yawns* Home.Bath.Sleep. *walks out*

??: Hey.

Demi: *turns back* What are you doing here? And how do you know I work here?

??: How about we talk later? Lets go grab something. *walks to her*

~They walk to the Mc Donalds~

Demi: Seriously Joe, how do you know I work here?

Joe: Chelsea.

Demi: But, shes-

Joe: We broke up.

Demi: WHEN?!

Joe: Just now. Im okay with it, so does she. We plan this thing long time ago.

Demi: Plan?

Joe: You wont get it.

*When is Joe telling her that he likes her! Find out what happen next! Comments, rates and subscribes!*

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