Labyrinth of Touhou 3.01 - Team Unappreciated vs. Double Hibachi Ver.2 (Part 1)





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Published on Aug 13, 2010

Wow, that's a full Hibachi! It's a double Hibachi all the way! Whoa, that's so intense! Woooo, yeah! Double Hibachi all the way across the labyrinth!

Meiling (lvl 466)
Minoriko (lvl 476)
Rumia (lvl 480)
Wriggle (lvl 466)
Iku (lvl 450)
Nitori (lvl 459)
Reisen (lvl 444)
Mokou (lvl 439)
Orin (lvl 447)
Renko (lvl 459)
Maribel (lvl 452)
Keine (lvl 447)

This video took longer than I thought it would, so it's split in two. Part 2 features the rest of the battle against the berserk lone Hibachi.

This one went a lot better than Double Hibachi round 1, surprisingly enough. Last time, I admit I didn't have much of a strategy beyond "do about the same amount of damage to both." This time, I had a plan to survive nearly everything they could throw at me, even without Reimu or Yukari for group DEF/MND buffs (although Keine's Three Treasures - Mirror helped against the Needle Parades). By picking the easier of the two for their berserk form, I could feasibly turn this into a war of attrition instead of a close damage race like last time.

Like the last battle, these two still have a trick to force you to deal with their Berserk form. Last time, one would automatically drop to 1 HP after taking enough damage. This time, though, you must prepare for a much longer bout with the Berserk Hibachi. Each Hibachi has 30 million HP at the start, but it's actually impossible to kill both on the same turn (unless you've got a level 1000+ Kaguya or something). When one does die, the other will double its remaining HP, then gain another 10 million HP for good measure. Just like last time, the best strategy is to do somewhat equal damage to both (although I didn't really keep track that much). However, I'd strongly advise that you leave Hibachi #2 for last, as I find its berserk form to be much more managable.

The two Hibachi have the same movesets as last time, only with much better stats. Hibachi #1 uses and is immune to physical attacks, while Hibachi #2 works the same with magic. Composite attacks won't work on either, of course. Hibachi #1 tends to be more dangerous because it uses more non-elemental attacks like Rasetsu Fist, Samidare Slash, and Steel Slasher. The only non-elemental magic spell the other one has is Dual Colorful Light. Most of their elemental attacks are negligible, since you can resist them with proper affinity protection. Watch out for Needle Parade on every 7th turn for both of them; Hibachi #1's Needle Parade is far more powerful due to its higher ATK, as the other's Needle Parade can do 0 damage to your party if you pile on DEF buffs.

MVP of the first part of the fight is most definitely Reisen, surprisingly enough. She has so much SP by now that she can down a Grand Patriot's Elixir every other turn, keeping all her stats at +80-100% permanently. That brings her up to about 95k DEF and 70k MND; in other words, her combined DEF and MND were about as good as Meiling's! With that, she could safely stay in for the whole battle (until Dual Funeral Washing Machine, anyway). Notice that I killed Hibachi #1 way before Hibachi #2 was near death. I wasn't actually keeping track of damage, so I figured there was no way Reisen could outdamage Nitori, right? Oh, so very wrong. Since she could safely stay in even against Needle Parade, Reisen did well over 23 million damage to Hibachi #1, which is much more than even Nitori did against Hibachi #2! And Reisen didn't even need anyone else to give her buffs, while Nitori relied on Iku and Keine to help her damage output. Mind Starmine does a bit more damage than Discarder here, as Hibachi #1's MND isn't very good (less than half as high as the Serpent of Chao's). I've tried Maribel staying in instead of Reisen before, and she does a similar job of buffing herself with nearly equal damage output. Her biggest problem, though, is that she takes much longer to rebuff herself; she does serve as a fine replacement should Reisen get sniped by Rasetsu Fist or Steel Slasher.

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