Stuck On You; One Direction Love Story; Chapter 5





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Published on Jun 23, 2012


Harry- Niall, what the hell?

Niall- Yeah, that's right. I got her number! You pushed me into the pool.

Harry- (to Valerie) I saw you at the pool earlier and Niall got jealous.

Niall- What?!

Harry- Liam, what happened today at the pool?

Liam- I'm not getting in the middle of this.

Zayn- Harry saw Valerie, Niall pointed her out and tried to go talk to her, Harry pushed him in the pool and talked to her and I'm guessing that when Louis, Liam, Harry and I went to go get food, he made a move on her.

Harry- (to Niall) See? I saw her first! (to Valerie) You're just so beautiful and we never got the chance to finish our talk. (puts his arm around her)

Valerie- (pushes his arm away) So, that was you at the pool today, (to Niall) and you? You guys like hid your faces. You didn't wanna be seen talking to me?

Harry/Niall- No!

Valerie- Whatever! You both lost this 'contest', I hope you guys are happy! (runs out)

Liam- Look what you guys did. (runs out to find Valerie)

Niall- (to Louis) Why would you do that?

Harry- You saw the moment we had earier when we were on stage and at the pool, why couldn't you just leave it at that?

Niall- Because you always get the girls! You're Harry Styles. You have your on fanbase. You get mobbed everyday by girls that want to be with you. I'm just... Niall. The stupid irish kid, who eats a lot.

Harry- Why would you say that? There are so many Niall fans out there. You have a fanbase, too. Did you see how many Niall signs were out there tonight?

Louis- Now say something nice about me!

Niall- You're funny!

Harry- And adorable! (looks at Zayn) And Zayn's a cutie!

Niall- Don't forget mysterious!

Zayn- Aww, boys!


Liam- Valerie!

I ran out to try and find Valerie. I felt so bad for her, Niall and Harry were just playing with her emotions. I saw her sitting on the stairs outside, I sat down next to her and didn't say a word. I hugged her and she let a few tears fall down her cheeks.

Liam- I'm sorry.

Valerie- I just don't get it. I thought tonight was gunna be amazing.. I guess not.

Liam- (wipes Valeries tears) Cheer up! I don't like seeing girls cry. Besides you're way too pretty to cry.

Valerie- (smiles)

It starts to rain and I see the beauty in her eyes that Harry and Niall must've seen. It's hyponitzing.

Liam- Now come on. (stands up and offers out his hand)

Valerie- I don't wanna go back inside.. atleast, not now.

Liam- We're not going back inside.

Valerie- Where are we going?

Liam- To make this night amazing.

Valerie- (smiles) What?

Liam- (looks at his phone) It's only 12:32. The night's just begun. We got like a good 5 hours until the sun's up.

Valerie- (laughs) No, I can't. I have to go talk to Niall and Harry.

Liam- (still holding his arm out) Text them. (laughs)

Valerie- What the heck! (takes his hand)


Where could she be? I just want to apologize to her. I want to hold her, play with her hair, sing to her, kiss her. But that's all ruined.. All I know is that; 1) I will NOT be able to sleep tonight. and 2) She will be mine.


I'm laying in my bed, just thinking of Valerie. Niall gave me her number and we've been texting and calling her and Liam like crazy. Her and Liam have yet to be found. I miss her.


Liam and I are standing at my front door in the pouring rain just laughing at what a fun night we had. It's dark out but I can still see Liam beautiful face.

Liam- (laughs) This night was..

Valerie- Amazing. Thank you. (hugs Liam)

Liam- (smiles) You're amazing.

Valerie- Well, goodnight Liam Payne. This night was the best night I've ever had. (kisses his cheek, turns to walk inside her house)

Liam- (grabs her arm, spins her around and kisses her)

We kissed and sparks flew. It was amazing.

Liam- (pulls away) Sorry, I had to.

Valerie- Perfectly fine with me. Good night. (walks inside and gets into bed)

I look at my phone, 24 messages and 17 missed calls, all from Harry and Niall. I forget about them.. and I kissed Liam.


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