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Published on Feb 1, 2012

Read the description for full details about the build!
(First of all, I didn't bother putting any music in the video - You're most likely listening to something already anyway :3)

I want to thank UnluckyOrpheus on giving me the idea of mixing MB and DD on one character. My build isn't based on his though, it's planned from scratch - but I would never have gotten the idea if I hadn't seen his video ^^

=========== Introduction =======================
I got bored one day and decided to make a new character. . . But, I had already tried almost every class (which seemed interesting to me) in the game. All except one. . . Gunblader! The basic idea of a "gunblader" is to mix (you guessed it) both gun and blade skills. The best way to make that happen in Megaten is to mix Magic Bullet with Demolition Dash, since both get damage bonuses from the Magic stat. Now, a gunblader will ofcourse not be as strong as a pure MB or DD, but the fact that they have access to all MB and DD skills makes them very versatile fighters. If you also throw in class 7 Destruction Magic, the gunblader will also get access to the AoE Almighty skill Megidora. To increase damage when soloing and to make runs safer, I'm choosing to get class 3 COTW for this build.

======== Expertise goals & Plans =======================
Class 4.0 Demolition Dash (to unlock all DD skills)
Class 5.0 Magic Bullet (to unlock all MB skills)
Class 3.0 Curse of the Wretched (to unlock spell/bullet hex)
Class 7.0 Destruction magic (to unlock -dynes and megidora)

You might wonder how it is even possible to get all of that with the 26000 point limit in expertises? Here's how:
Class 1.0 Rush
Class 2.6 Curse Magic
Class 7.0 Destruction Magic
Class 4.0 Magic control
Class 1.0 Bless
Class 2.0 Shot
Class 8.4 Gun Knowledge

======== Character info ==============================
Here's some information about the character you see in the video ^^!:

Account: Mornedil
Name: Kyoji`
Level: 34
Stats: All points spent in magic so far.
Destruction Magic: class 7.0
Demolition Dash: Class 3.3
COTW: class 2.6
Magic Bullet: class 2.5
Gear: Currently using -cooldown gear to easier train expertise.
Weapons: Using disposable NPC-shop weapons for now.

I'm still not really used to this build yet, as I unlocked MB just a day or two ago, so you'll see me fumble a bit with the skills and the skill bar xD.

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