LoZ:Majora's Mask Cheat Codes Pt.4





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Uploaded on Jan 21, 2008

The final one. Yeah, not as much as the others, but still good right?
Remember: Version 1.0 (U) MM

List of Codes Used:

Play As
801EF690 00??
Replace ?? with:
00 Fierce Deity Link
01 Goron Link
02 Zora Link
03 Deku Link
04 Normal Link
05 Giant Link (Only in Stone Tower Boss)

Press L to Play as Kafei
D03E6B3B 0020
813E87EC 8041
D03E6B3B 0020
813E87EE A0E0
D03E6B3B 0020
8041A0E2 0002
D03E6B3B 0020
813E6DD0 8041
D03E6B3B 0020
813E6DD2 A0E0
only works if kafei is in clock town and not locked in his house, otherwise, it will show a frame of last cutscene then you will be unable to do anything

L to Levitate
D03E6B3B 0020
813FFE18 40CB
Doesn't seem to work properly in PJ64 1.4.

Replace B Button With
801EF6BC 00??
Replace ?? with:
00 Ocarina
01 Arrows
02 Fire Arrows
03 Ice Arrows
04 Light Arrows
05 Pictobox
06 Bomb
07 Bombchu
08 Deku Stick
09 Deku Nut
0A Magic Beans
0C Powder Keg
0E Lens of Truth
0F Hookshot
10 Great Fairy Sword
12 Empty Bottle
13 Red Potion
14 Green Potion
15 Blue Potion
16 Fairy
17 Deku Princess
18 Full Milk
19 1/2 Milk
1A Fish
1B Bug
1C Blue Fire
1D Poe
1E Big Poe
1F Spring Water
20 Hot Spring Water
21 Zora Egg
22 Gold Dust
23 Mushroom
24 Sea Horse
25 Chateau Romani
26 Japanese Bottle 1
27 Japanese Bottle 2
28 Moon Tear
29 Brown Deed
2A Green Deed
2B Purple Deed
2C Blue Deed
2D Room Key
2E Special Delivery to Mama
2F Red Letter
30 Pendant of Memories
32 Deku Mask
33 Goron Mask
34 Zora Mask
35 Fierce Deity Mask
4D Kokiri Sword
4E Razor Sword
4F Guilded Sword
50 Fierce Deity Sword
51 Hylian Shield
52 Mirror Shield

Time of Day
811EF67C ????
Replace ???? with:
4010 Dawn
8000 12:00 Day
B550 Dusk
0000 12:00 Midnight

Control Time Flow
D03E6B3A 0004
811EF686 0050
D03E6B3A 0000
811EF686 0000
D03E6B3A 0008
811EF686 00D0
D-Pad Down for Triple
D-Pad Up for Really Fast

Use C-Buttons Anywhere
811F3588 0000
811F358A 0000
Be mindful of what form you're in.

Press L & R to Warp
D03E6B3B 0030
803FF395 0001
D03E6B3B 0030
813FF39A ????
Replace the ???? with:
0010 Mayors Residence
0008 Magic Hags Potion Shop
000A Romani Ranch Barn
000B Mama's House
000E Honey & Darlings Shop
0015 Final Boss Arena
001F Beneath the Graveyard (left entrance)
002F Beneath the Graveyard (right entrance)
0030 Southern Swamp (Reg Entrance)
004F Southern Swamp (from tour house)
006E Southern Swamp (from Woodfall)
006F Southern Swamp (from Deku Palace)
0078 Path to Ikana Canyon
009E Southern Swamp (from Deku Place 2)
009F Southern Swamp (From Potion Shop)
00AF Boat Cruise (picture taking)
00CD Southern Swamp (From Woods of Mystery)
00CE Southern Swamp (From Spider House)
00CF Southern Swamp (From Ikana Canyon)
00FE Southern Swamp (From Owl Warp)
0E00 Curiosity Shop
0E38 Ikana Canyon Entrance
1500 Lens of Truth Cave (get it)
2600 Stone Tower Temple (Upside down)
2609 Stone Tower Temple (Boss Room Entrance)
2604 Treasure Chest Shop
2605 Treausre Chest Shop (counter)
260E Clock Tower (w/ skull kid
2610 Stone Tower Temple (endless fall)
6214 Romani Ranch
9214 Zora Shop
B214 Snowhead (Path to temple
D214 East Clock Town
135F Purified Swamp

And that's all.


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