Kanye West - Mercy ft. The Avengers, Batman, Spiderman, Thor and Green Lantern





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Published on Jul 12, 2012

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[Hook (x4):]
Marvel, Dark Horse, DC.
Comic books they please me.
And when they turn them into films,
You know I get all geeky.

[Verse 1: The Avengers]
Drop the hammer of Thor, Make the ground shake,

Blast you in the head with a repulsor ray,

Butt you with my shield then punch you in the face,

Don't make me angry, you won't like me that way,

Avengers Assemble, our movie set the tempo, (HEHH!!)
200 Million opening, we just paid Disney's rent, yo, (HEH!!)
Joss Whedon's getting paid, cause he made them a tentpole,
Now we'll finally get our Firefly, Buffy and Angel sequels!

Watching all the credits, giving standing ovations.

All the merch we buy got studios salivatin'.

Get in line, waiting with impatience,

Just to catch a trailer of your film, ain't we the greatest?


[Verse 2: Green Lantern]
n brightest day, in blackest night!
No evil shall escape my sight!

Sorry Ryan Reynolds, but your movie sucked,
Why don't we hear from the Dark Knight,

My parents are dead!

No dude, we just need you to rap.

What? Oh, okay...
Don't push me joker, I'll break my one rule,
Trained by my mentor, his name's Ras a Gul
Dressed like a bat, I lurk in the darkness
My batcave is like an inpenetrable fortress,
Got tons of gadgets made by morgan freeman,
Michael Caine serves me my meals in the evenin'
Christopher Nolan redefined the genre,
Now he can make any movie he wants ta,
Have you seen Inception, did you understand it,
I did, I swear to go-- Swear to me!!! (Spider Man!)

[Verse 3: Spiderman]
Okay now watch out for my web-slangin'
Swoopin' through the bus lane,
Remember that time in the first film,
When I stopped a train with my back mang?
Then all of a sudden I got lame,
Started singin' and dancin' like soul train,
Sam Raimi, fuck yourself, why'd you have to ruin spiderman,
But Mark Webb, rock on, stepped in and took it all on,
Web shooters, Gwen Stacey,
Fixed everything Raimi got wrong,
Now Hollywood loves Comic-Con,
But what about all the times they got it wrong?
Batman and Robin, Howard the Duck,
Catwoman, Daredevil, what the f*ck?
Fantastic Four, both of them.
That wolverine movie, Judge Dredd,
Ghost Rider, Punisher, Spawn, and Steel.
Swamp Thing, The Spirit, are ya'll for real?


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