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Published on Mar 31, 2012

Tanner races his favourite cut price sports car - a Mitsubishi Evolution - against two extreme skiers down a mountain. Amazing HD clip from Series 1 of Top Gear USA.

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nh skiier
If Tanner Foust and Jeremy Clarkson say the Evo is better than the STI shut up and agree, theyre right.
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Evo is superior to sti
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SGT Norgan
MannyFresh1x then why mitsubishi have won more rallies than subaru
Matt Romanes agreed! It's way better at everything except being practical: tiny gas tank, turbo lag, needs to rev high always, etc. But who cares! Way more fun!
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American Top gear editing is like Fast and Furious editing lol.
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Giovanni ⑥⓪⑨ Mauro
He does both rally racing and drifting. They did an episode with him trying to drift a limo, food truck, bus, and an RV. They also did an episode with Tanner Foust's rally car beating the world record for fastest speed inside. And if you wanna talk stunt devil type shit he was the one to drift in place of the main character for Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. Is there anything that Tanner Foust can't do?
Chris Babz
Does rally cross too
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Alex S
i dunno why both mitsu and subaru drivers fight all the friggin time! Both cars are awesome beastly Japanese monsters! peace 2 all subaru/evo drivers in da world:D
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John Lamb
I agree with aireworkz. I own an Evo IX and have been invited to numerous Subi meets here in town since there don't seem to be many Evos. And you know what? We all get along GREAT.
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Peter Cho
Those are some insane drift skills
Price of Freedom
Funny when watching this video I was thinking of the Mclaren ad of the car versus the snowboarder and here you are with that ad in your profile picture. 
nh skiier
former formula drift champ and current rallycross driver
jefferson johnson
one does not simply beat a mitsubishi evo in its natural habitat
Niko Bellic
And that's why I drive an Evo X right there.
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Jordan Hansen
So you can race skiers down a ski hill?
Carrera Porsche
what year model?
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Scott Grossman
This car has so much hatred....i can see why they're no downsides it's like it's too perfect GOD DAMMIT  I WANT ONE!!!
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Btwlb Productions
+Omar Ortiz lmao driving like in this condition it's like 11-12 mpg normal driving like 17-18
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Misa Klaus
holy mitsubishi
+Martin Liberda its people like you that make this world a terrible place. posting your judgements without any knowledge of the topic you are judging 
Misa Klaus
+Martin Liberda  no, jediny idiot ses tady ty, ty by si ani nevedel jak to auto nastartovat
Can't believe I never seen this one. It's snowing out right now. I may just go try this for myself.

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