SkinnyGossip Calls KATE UPTON FAT, Zach Anner Rides Again





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Published on Jul 18, 2012

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First up, a few months ago we did a story on Kate Upton's sexy ad campaign for Carl's Jr. Well, it seems to have stirred up some righteous indignation from the folks over at "thinspiration" blog Skinny Gossip, who described Upton's look as thick, vulgar, pornographic, lazy and lardy! To her credit, Upton quickly responded that she wasn't going to starve herself to be thin, but the internets already had her back. Hacker group Anonymous clearly didn't appreciate a blog that encourages girls to become anorexic so they pulled a denial of service attack and the mainstream media took notice and made SkinnyGossip their scapegoat of the week. The site's back online and promising more responsible behavior which includes kiboshing their "Starving Tips of the Day" feature. And as far as Upton goes, we'll leave it to you. Do you prefer this...or this?


Next up, you guys remember Zach Anner? Well you should. He's that adorable, wheel-chair bound comedian with cerebral palsy who won the hearts of America and a show on Oprah's OWN network back in 2010. Didn't turn out so well, the Rollin with Zach Anner show was cancelled after four episodes. But Anner hasn't given up, nor has he turned his back on the internet communities that helped give him his big shot. Riding Shotgun with Zach Anner aims to resurrect the travelogue series by using Reddit to help create its content. Users can suggest and vote on places to be visited and help Anner plan his itinerary in the winning citites. As the line between cable and internet continues to blur, we're hoping Anner can find some success by being ahead of the curve. Head over to the Zach Anner subreddit to drop your two cents.


And finally, being on time is not easy. Everyday most of us are fighting traffic, clogged subway lines or just struggling to get out of the house on time. Well, thanks to a new app, you can improve your punctuality...or at least your etiquette. The Twist app for the iOS will let your friends and family know your actual ETA based on when and how you leave for your destination. It plots your route on GPS and takes into account stumbling blocks like traffic jams. It'll broadcast your progress via text message to whoever's waiting for you up until a minute before your arrival. But, you have to remember to use it before you leave and it's still no excuse to keep a woman waiting. Twist is free in the App Store, so let us know how you like it.


Viral Video of the Day: http://youtu.be/YRB0i9-AUQs

Comments • 17

You're here on this again! Please, Jasmine... get a life. You seem more obsessed with bashing Kate than you are on your concern for the fashion industry. The fashion industry is doing just fine without your claims. You are and will always be a nobody in the world of fashion. You're just some poser with nothing better to do than bashing on your ideal models. She's in the fashion industry, she's making a hell of a lot of money isn't she? More than you can dream. Stop hating girl. Get a hobby.
Jasmine McAlister
EXACTLY! What a double standard. The thing is these people are ignorant and don't know anything about fashion. For Kate Upton to call herself a "model" means she's in the fashion business, and she's doing a darn crappy job of showing any appreciation for that or any respect for the position. Thus she's nothing but a glorified porn start who keeps her clothes on for the camera. Not a model. As to the "do you prefer this or this?" I'd go with the second one any day :P
Mathieu W.
Chloe is huggable!
Angel Jimenez
Thick, vulgar pornographic lazy and tardy is exactly what i like about kate upton
Seeing Chloe makes me miss Rebecca!
Aaron Hsu
Spicy wasabi balls? Damn girl, your mouth is going to be numb after 20 pieces, never mind the current 141 likes. Good luck?
Chloe!!! We missed ya
Ashley Brook
This whole body acceptance crap goes right out the window as soon as people want to hate on the skinny chicks. "Do you prefer this or this?" Seriously?! Why can't anyone defend Kate's body without bashing thin people? 
I would NOT smash a chick that I look at and immediately think 'anorexic'. However, I would fuck Kate Upton without hesitation
Jerrell Wynn
@MarvinC69 I agree. She is so sexy
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