Deal With God - Chapter Four(Harry Potter and the Jonas Brothers)





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Published on Sep 10, 2010

Back in the bar, the bartender returned to call the sheriff, and tell him about the two small women, girls really, who had beaten half the bar, not paid their bill, and stolen his car. There was no way Brian was going to believe him.

Sam and Dean watched the barkeep make the call and then looked at each other.

"Do you think they have anything to do with the Indian vampire thing?" Dean asked his younger brother.

"No, but..." Sam trailed off, debating whether or not he should finish his sentence.

"But, what?" Dean asked

"...But," Sam said, knowing that Dean wouldn't leave it alone, "I think we should check them out anyways."

"Sammy, they're a little young-"

"Not like that!" Sam interrupted, "I just meant we should follow them and make sure that they're not... up to something"

"They're just a couple of little girls, Sammy," Dean said, completely against that idea, "What are they going to do? Run up their dad's credit card?"

"Little girls who got in a fight with half the bar and won. Dean, there's something weird about them."
Dean groaned and downed the rest of his beer. "Fine, we'll tail them for a bit." Sam smiled triumphantly, "But if anyone gets hurt while we're doing this, it's on your head."
They went to the Impala, grabbed police badges, and went back to interrogate the bar tender.
"Hi, I'm Officer Jensen and this is my partner, Officer Jared, we overheard you're call and were wondering if you could describe the girls?" said Dean, as Sam pretended to take notes.
"Not much to tell. You saw them, they weren't that old. The short one kept calling the other her cousin. The other showed me her ID and it said Angelica Spirit. It LOOKED real enough, but seriously what kind of name is that? I got her a drink anyways, because either her parents were hippies or it was the best fake ID I've ever seen. The other just asked for water so I have no idea what her name is."
"You talk about anything in particular? Any clues where they were heading?" asked Dean.
"No, we just discussed her Jonas Brothers Reunion t-shirt. Apparently it was some kind of tribute thing. It made me wonder how old she really was, but they did discuss something over this really old journal. It sounded like that creature from Harry Potter, velour, vela..."
Dean suddenly grew cold.
"Vetala?"he asked.
He snapped his fingers. "Yep that's the one. And they kept talking about finding their dads."
Sam tried to control his features. "Did you see what direction they went in?"
"They went right." The barkeep said, "I'm guessing to another bar. Not much else at this part of town."
"Okay then." Dean nodded."We'll, we'll take this down to the station Mr...?"
"Pricely." Dean repeated, "We'll track them down and get your car back." He was only lying about the second part. But chances were he'd get it back.Somehow.
As they left the bar, Sam turned to Dean. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"That by dads they meant the vampires who turned them and were looking for their nest? Yeah, I was."
"See, I knew it was a goo-" Sam started
"Finish that sentence and I shoot you" Dean said, getting into the Impala. Sam went quiet and got in the car too.


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