who hits harder pacquiao or mayweather





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Published on Jun 19, 2011


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Everything Keeshia
Mayweather is one of the best boxer but definitely not the best "FIGHTER". There's a fine line between the two. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out.  Mayweather fans come at me. 
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J Smith
+Don Lucky I respect my own thoughts.  I convey what I think and feel and those who wish to learn more about and discuss what I share have always been welcomed to do so. I force no one to do so. I don't even request, There are those who have subscribed to me based on my comments and dialogue alone .. and I've never made a video on YouTube in my life. Apparently I'm not for everyone. But for those who appreciate what I bring to the table, I do my best to be as thorough as possible. I try to provide an immersive experience in what I write so people can understand exactly the sentiment I try to get across. I'm happy you found what I wrote interesting, but from now on, if you decide to read what I write, understand that I write as much for my own pleasure as I do for others. So be forewarned that I am not of the flippant, one liner style of writing. That's just not my way. Take care, sir.
Don Lucky
+J Smith gotta admit, it was interesting. but respect other people's time man. i ain't gonna read all those.
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monte carlo Saludes
i enjoy watching this vid. i think pacquiao is blessed with power speed humbleness. while mayweather is gifted with intelligence skill set of defences and chicken ass mouth. 
Alberto Gil
When I cant sleep I watch mayweathers fights it puts me to sleep fast his fights are boring as fuck he only runs like a bitch when ppl buy tickets they expect to see a fight not running if they wanted to see ppl run they will buy a ticket to a soccer football or basketball game
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+Joshua Louie Cruz I'm shallow minded for speaking the TRUTH? Whatever you say, son... 
Joshua Louie Cruz
+MrPhukYu What a shallow minded person you are i cant believe youre a boxer.
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hry rfm
floyd gayweather is a natural born chicken!!!!
Mayweather is really smart that is why he just keeps hiding from Pacquiao.
+Jancen Pacquiao's an overrated loser.
King 27
who hits harder? It don't matter this is why people need to just quit trying to be boxing experts because they know nothing. Foreman hit harder then Ali and what happened Ali beat his ass, and you should interview these clowns now that Manny got put to bed by JMM and Floyd still dominating the sport let em keep hating
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keith warren
Floyd is scared. . .Manny will beat mayweather. . .MANNY IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. . 10 TITLES IN 8 DIFFERENT WEIGHT DIVISION. . .
No matter how you got put to bed with all these cloud of controversies (cheating on steroids and foot trip/stomping and blocking since the 3rd fight. In round 8th of their 3rd fight is exactly what happened in round 6th of their 4th fight. The only difference, Marquez got so much stronger with Anabolic Steroids). Marquez was not credited to be better by knocking out Pacquiao because everyone knew he cheated! You can't fool boxing fans and sports fans in general. Manny is still the man to beat Mayweather. People even from Mexico discounted that win because they knew Marquez is on STEROIDS and using counter tricks on Pacquiao's advancing footwork. In basketball that is foul so as in boxing. You counter with your punch not foot blocking and stomping. You have to wonder why people still believe Manny is the MAN to beat Mayweather who until to this day ducks him and will continue to do so until the end of his boxing career. Look at where Manny Pacquiao now, two impressive wins one against undefeated and pound for pound best in Bradley. Soon he will take on another young lion and undefeated champion. Where is Marquez now? Displayed more acne (STEROIDS use SYMPTOMS) in his last fight without random testing after undergoing stringent test against Bradley whom he lost. 
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The fighter that dodged losses all credibility
Edlaine Nual
Thats why mayweather afraid of pacquiao..
Who hits harder? How about we look at the post-fight interviews of both fighters' opponents for their last 10 fights. We let that be the judge.
Steven Fong
that guys been hit too many times..
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