Times Square NYC - NYPD At Gunpoint with Man With Knife. Shot Dead at 37th Street





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Published on Aug 11, 2012

An emotionally distrubed man pulls a huge knife on an NYPD officer and a chase ensues down 7th Avenue starting at 44th Street with NYPD officers at gunpoint. I would have followed further, but I had basically abandoned my family and some visiting friends to get this video. Police later shot the suspect dead at 37th street after he lunged at an officer. I was standing ten feet from this guy when he started ranting some crazy dialogue in the middle of 44th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue. A female NYPD officer told him it was fine to speak, but to do it on the sidewalk. A minute later this chase began. I just remember the knife being HUGE.

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Resisting arrest and wielding a knife, but they "can't shoot him" lmao. I'm a liberal btw. Wish they had tasers but I think this was before they got them. I still don't think the NYPD has them, I never see them with one.
Brian Craft
The only officers in the NYPD that I know are issued tasers are patrol sergeants and members of the ESU. Regular beat cops aren't issued them. They only have OC spray and ASP batons.
Rusty Guyz
I too live in NY . And yes they do exp in high populated areas likes times square , central park , coney island .etc . I think u didnt see em bec not all cops have them in a holister some have em in their vest or even inside their car. Next time u see a friendly cop ( hard to find in ny lol ) ask them about the tasers im sure theyll tell you if you ask the question in a nice maner
And the fucker saying that you can't shoot him when exactly are allowed to shot this crazy fuck? When he stabs somebody?
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Marshall Patrick
+Frank Ivansson Not really hard to hit this guy
Marshall Patrick
+Frank Ivansson Meh
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Flower Nigga
Is this GTA IV with ENB?
"They can't shoot him"...really? That's the boundaries of law enforcement. But the thing that cops know that normal people don't...criminals/crazy assholes don't operate within boundaries. And police know this. Why do you think more shootings are happening? Police got smart and start to realize that criminals don't have boundaries.
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Ivan Ivanof Ivansson
+insan thanks for saving my time ;P . you're exactly right
+zioncommand You cant point a gun on a man when there are 50 people walking behind him which dont realise that they might be in the firing direction. A police officer has no choice. He cant shoot this guy when there is a possibility that he can hit a civilian.
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James Brack
Whatever happened to non-lethal tactics. No stun gun? Bean bag shot guns? Can't we incapacitate mentally off people without killing them here in the greatest country ever ...
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casper kos
do you have any idea what the ranges are for non-lethal options? if you're only a dozen feet away from this guy, you're pretty f**king in danger if the guy decides to charge at you and stab you. try hopping off the armchair and put yourself in their shoes.
plankton dankton
+Tom The Cops "never use tasers" because tasers are expensive when you have to equip hundreds of LE's in one Department. Not only that but tasers can be AS LETHAL as being shot, as seen in a case in Canada where a man was killed after Officers tased him. However, Officers do use non-lethal. Very often. Bean-bag guns for example, OC Sprays, hand to hand. Also do some research mate, regular NYPD patrol Officers dont carry tasers, only guns :)
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I was there when this happened, visiting New York for the first time. This was a wild experience. NYPD just flooded the streets! So much different from San Diego lol
Hank Hill
So none of these cops had tasers? damn
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Rusty Guyz
It not for tasers . When you , a fellow officer or civillans life is in danger then thats lethal force authorized
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Nathan Cleveland
I say shoot the asshole simply because he's fuckin up traffic. Act like an asshole, get shot in the leg. I'm against police murder, why don't they shoot to injure? Why do these pig power trippers always have to shoot to kill? Moron police need to have a pre hire iq test to weed out all of the retards. 
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Samuel Sánchez
I'm a police officer in Canada,and you are totally right,in situations like these in Canada we pull out our guns to intimidate him more so he could give up,but between all of those officers with guns we got one with a tazer,if the guy get's near we taze him fast and if that doesnt work we try to give him a non-lethal shot to not kill him because killing is a horrible option depending of the situation,many other officers can't think up a good tactic for different situations.
Old Money Entertainment
+diborah balle aggred
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Infamous 231
Taser gun would had been better
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