I promise we will make it! A Cailey pregnancy! Episode 20 (FINAL ep)





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Published on Aug 9, 2012

So the last episode of this story. Tomorrow I will upload the first episode of a new Cebby story so hope you will like that story too.

Episode 20 (Final)
(At the graduate)
All students where sitting in front of a little stage and all the parents where sitting behind them. Bailey and Cody where sitting beside each other.
Bailey: Look there's the Max and Ellie with the nanny.
Cody: Yeah.
Bailey: I can't believe that we're gonna graduate.
Cody: Me neither. But it's good that we're gonna go in the same university
Bailey: It's more that good it's amazing. *smiles*
Cody: *smiles*
The graduate ceremony start and the teacher talked of a while then Cody and Bailey read a speech together and after that the students got their graduate papers one after one. After they had get their papers they throw the hats up in the air.
Bailey: *attacked Cody with a hug*
Cody: *hugged back*

Cody and Bailey had just get the pram from the nanny when their parents come.
Carey: *hug Cody* Aww my little boy.
Kurt: Congrats Codester.
Mrs Pickett *hug Bailey* Aww my little Bailey bunny.
Mr Pickett: Well done Bailey.
Kurt: I'm very surprised that Zack really graduate.
Cody: Yeah who had thought that he would do it.
Carey: I so proud of him.
Cody: Hey!
Carey: But of course I am more proud of you.
Mrs Pickett: I can't believe that my little girl has graduate.
Bailey: Mum I'm 18 and not little.
Mrs Pickett: You will always be my little girl.
Carey: So you're Baileys parents! Nice to meet you.
Mr Pickett: Yeah nice to meet you too.
They started to talk and Bailey looked at Cody and Cody nodded.
Bailey: We have a little thing we need to tell you.
Mr Pickett: What is it?
Kurt: Yeah what is it?
Cody: Well.....
Bailey: You're all grandmas and grandpas!
Carey? Am I?
Mrs Pickett: I don't really understand here.
Bailey and Cody walked to the pram and take up Max and Ellie.
Cody: This is Max!
Bailey: And this is Ellie!
Cody: They are our kids.
Mrs Pickett: I can't believe this. My little girl is already a mum.
Carey: Me neither. My little boy is dad. Can you believe this.
Mrs Pickett: No!
Kurt: Wow this is Cool Codester.
Cody: I know.
Mr Pickett: What the heck! My Bailey is 18 and have kids! How dare you to make her pregnant! *walk towards Cody*
Bailey: Dad! Stop!
Mr Pickett: This boy is never gonna have something with my little girl to do again!
Bailey: Look dad! It was an accident! Cody even said that didn't won't me to get pregnant before we did it. But now it has happen and we're happy. Please dad. We're a family you can't pull us apart! I love Cody and the babies.
Mr Pickett: Did you really said that?
Cody: Yes I never wanted her to get pregnant.
Mr Pickett: Welcome to the family!
Cody: Thanks!

(with Cailey)
Bailey and Cody walked away a bit and their parents stood and cuddled with the babies.
Bailey: I'm so glad everyone was happy even my dad.
Cody: Yeah me too. I got pretty scared when he walked towards me.
Bailey: I'm sorry for that but now we can live happy forever!
Cody: Yeah we will *leaned in and kissed her*
Bailey: *kissed back then pulled away* I love you
Cody: I love you too forever!
The end!


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