Guppy Fish Care, 10 Things You Should Know About Guppies! Great Beginner Fish!





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Published on Mar 24, 2019

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The list of reasons why Guppies are one of the most popular fish in aquariums is long, their bright colors, constant movement and the fact that they're really easy to keep makes them attractive to almost any fish keeper. 
Before you run out and get your first group of these gems here are 10 things you should know about Guppies

1. Where are they from
- We've done a few of these 10 things videos on specific fish and whenever we talk about where they originate we always say the same thing and that's that it doesn't really matter where they originate because most of the fish you'll find in the hobby are going to be captive bred.

2. Tank Requirements
- Guppies are kinda like bettas in that they're a really small fish and because of that allot of new fish keepers believe they can put them in pretty much anything and the'll be fine.
- While it's true they don't need a huge tank we like to recommend a minimum of 5 gallons to do the right thing by these fish

3. Tank Mates
- Guppies are one of those fish that you don't really have to worry about bothering any other fish in the tank the concern needs to be putting tank mates with them that wont bother your Guppies.
- When selecting tank mates look for smaller community type fish that are known for being peaceful with other fish. Stay away from any fish that has a reputation for being fin nippers.

4. Inbreeding ramifications (Keng Lee)

5. Breeding
- If you're looking into breeding fish to take your hobby to the next level Guppies are a great way to start because they're practically a "just add water" type of fish.
- Guppies are live bearers which means they don't lay eggs that they have to protect till they hatch. They give birth to fully formed free swimming fry.

6. Food
- I'm the lucky one that drew the food straw in this video, probably the easiest one we've ever done.
- Guppies aren't picky about food at all, the only issue you might have is making sure the food is small enough for them. 
- The best advice is to stick with a good community flake which you can find anywhere. They'll also do really well on frozen baby brine shrimp or if you prefer pellets something like the Northfin .5mm community pellets.

7. Common diseases
- One of the more common diseases in Guppies is ich and there's a pretty specific reason for this. No it's not that they're more seceptible to it, it's actually simpler than that.
- Guppies are siceptible to ich because they're not cared for properly by allot of fish keepers. So many new fish keepers believe that heaters aren't necessary for them.

8. Easy To Keep/ Great Beginner Fish
- Guppies are a great beginner fish for allot of reasons. For one they're absolutely gorgeous. 
- 2 is they're very hearty and can make it through allot of the common mistakes that new fish keepers make.
- 3 is they don't require a huge tank which is good because most fish keepers aren't gonna start with a 75 or 100 gallon tank.

9. Life Span
- A well kept guppy can typically live 1-3 years. That might not seem like allot but there's something else to think about. If you get a good ratio of males and females these fish will breed like crazy.
So when you look at it and say "well they only live a couple years" just think of it like this. If you do your job they will come and go but you'll never be without them.

10. Make a statement (Lisa)
- Think about it. How many aquariums have you seen that have 1 or 2 fish in it and you think, that's just so boring, I need color, I need movement.
- Well with a Guppy tank you get everything you want. You get tons of color, all kinds of activity, you don't need a huge tank, they don't cost allot AND they're easy to keep.
- If you're new to fish keeping and thinking of which fish to get for your first tank, consider Guppies, you can make a huge statement and have allot of fun.


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