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Published on Jun 2, 2011

1:20 hermit-456 (Jin, PSR 141) vs gyugyuto (Bang)
4:57 Kaijin-Atoma (Noel, PSR 212) vs tr_008 (Tager)
10:25 LiEUTENANT (Ragna, PSR 222) vs OmniSScythe (Makoto, PSR 286)
13:47 konmaaao (Litchi, PSR 201) vs Mebius333 (Jin)
16:42 gift00 (Rachel, PSR 178) vs def8311 (Ragna)
19:22 tgmn (Hazama, PSR 169) vs alt007 (Mu)
23:05 NAOBUTYOU (Ragna, PSR 196) vs syusyu_tao (Taokaka)
25:29 deez1291 (Carl, PSR 165) vs ms1350 (Hazama)

Selected transcriptions:

Jin vs Bang:
jC air-to-air CH 5C 6C DC (missed jC) 1509
Blockstring 5B 2B 5C (5D hits, but not confirmed into 214D)
Falling jB CH 2B 5C Ice Car 1808
Air dash jB CH j2C 5B 5C Sekkajin (66) 6C 2D 6C 214C 3017 (Then blue beat 2B attempt)
j2C CH 5B 5C 3C 214B 2.1k
623C CH 66 5B(1) 5C JC jB jC JC jD j214C 2.3k (blue beat 2B) 5C 2487
Close to corner: jB 5B 5C 623B 66 6C (whiffed 623C) 2108
6C DC 5C 6C DC jC JC j2C jD j214C 6C 214C 3965
Corner: jA air-to-air jB JC (blue beat j2C) jC jD 1452
5B+C 6C 632146D 2344

Bang versus Jin:
5A 5B 2B 6C j623B 1751
Cross-up j4B CH 2A 5B 2B 2C 623B 2284
5A 5B 2B 6C j623C (pink) 3716
3C RC 2B 623B (round over) 1917

Noel vs Tager:
Blockstring: 2A 2B 2C 5C
5B CH 3C 22B (3 hits) 66 6C(1) Haida x 8 6A 6C (second hit whiffs) 3819
Blockstring: 5A 5A 5A 2B
Blockstring: 5A AA 5A 6A 6C 2C (5C whiffs)
Opponent close to corner: 6C 5B+C (pink) 22B (5 hits) 66 6C (2) 6C(1) 4D Drive combo 632146D 4781

Tager vs Noel:
5A 5B 3C 2B 2C 623C 2D 1644
5C CH 4126D 5C 6B 2C 623C 623C (whiff) 6B 2C 623C 236B 3699 (blue beat 2D) 3745
236A (blocked) RC 2B 2C 623C 623C (whiff) 6B 2C 623C 2D 2862
360B 2B 623C 623C (whiff) 6B 2C 623C (236B whiffs) 4996
2C 214AD(3) (too far to follow up)1574
5B AA 5C JC jB jD 5D (no follow up) 1893
No meter: 4B+C 3B 6A jB (no follow up)

Ragna vs Makoto:
623C 236C 214D 1010
Corner: air j214C 5C 5D 214D 5D 623C 236C 214D 2599 (2C looks like Not over yet attempt)
Versus crouching opponent: 214B d214D jCD jJC D j623D 236C 214D 2103
2A 5B 2B 5C 214A 214D 1420
Close to corner: 623C 236C 236C 66 2C (5D interrupted by burst) 1185
5B 2B 5C 2C 214A (2A reset attempt) 1742
Corner, 50% meter, following 214D Guard Crush: 5B 5C 6C DC hjC jD JC jD j214C 5D 214D 66 5D 632146D 4563

Makoto vs Ragna:
2A 5CH B 5CC 6B (5C whiffs) 1141
6A AA CH below opponent 5B 6A HJC jB jB j623CD(3) 1914
Close to corner: 6A CH 6B 5C 5D 66 2D 66 2C 214BD 6A 5D 2761 66 2B 236A CH 66 5CC 6B 5C 5D 66 2C 214BD 2C 214AD PF1 (3) PF2(2) PF3(3) 5187

Jin vs Litchi:
jA CH jB J2C JC jC jD j214C 1890

Litchi vs Jin:
Corner 2A (staff returns) 5B(m) 6C 3C 623D 1793 Thirteen Orphans

FYI: Grab Bag 005 will be uploaded as a private video.

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