Weekend Plans 周末 (zhōu mò) by Groovi Pauli & Friends





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Published on Oct 5, 2013

This music video by Groovi Pauli & Friends is aimed at teaching young children how to describe a few things about what they might do on a weekend. The title of the song is 周末 (zhōu mò) Weekend plans recorded by Groovi Pauli & Friends/张保利 (in 2009). It appears on their second album, "More Chinese Songs for Kids" (2010). This song was recorded in a bilingual style where the Chinese words are followed by English translation, a style we have since abandoned in favor of a simple, call and response style. No harm done - this still works! The video was recorded in Cebu, the Philippines.

Lyrics are as follows:

Groovi Pauli: 你好。(Hello)
Aoife: 你好。
Groovi Pauli: 周末到了。 zhōu mò dào le (The weekend is here.)
Aoife: 对啊。duì a (That's right.)
Groovi Pauli: 你要做什么? zuò shénme (What are you going to do?)

Aoife: 不知道。bù zhī dào (Don't know.)
Groovi Pauli: 不知道? bù zhī dào (Don't know?)

周末要做什么? zhōu mò zuò shénme
Watcha gonna do for the weekend?

周末要做什么? zhōu mò zuò shénme
Watcha gonna do for the weekend?

周末到了 zhōu mò dào le (The weekend is here.)
周末要做什么? zhōu mò yào zuò shénme
Watcha gonna do, now? Watcha gonna do?

去朋友家 qù péng you jiā (go to a friend's house)
在家休息 zài jiā xiū xi (relax at home)
写工课 xiě gōng kè (do homework)
看电影 kàn diàn yǐng (see a movie)

练功夫 liàn gōng fū (practice Kung Fu)
玩球 wán qiú (play sports)
去博物馆 qù bǒ wù guǎn (go to a museum)
玩 wán Wii (play Wii)

周末做了什么?zhōu mò zuò le shénme
What DID you do for the weekend?
周末做了什么?zhōu mò zuò le shénme
What DID you do for the weekend?

周末过了 zhōu mò guò le
The weekend is gone!

周末做了什么?What DID you do, now? What DID you do?

Groovi Pauli: 又是星期一了。周末做了什么?yòu shì xīng qí yī le. zhōu mò zuò le shén me
(Another Monday is here. What did you do for the weekend?)

Aoife: 很多!去朋友家,玩球, 和 练功夫。hěn duō qù péng you jiā, wán qiú, hé liàn gōng fū
(A lot! Went to a friend's house, played sports and practiced Kungfu.)

Groovi Pauli: 哇!很棒!wā hěn bàng (Wow! That's great)

Aoife: 对啊。你呢?duì a nǐ ne (Yeah. And you?)
Groovi Pauli: 我的周末也很好。de zōu mò yě hěn hǎo (My weekend was also good.)

Aoife: 好。hǎo

Groovi Pauli: 对不起。我要走了。拜拜!duì qǐ wǒ yào zǒu le bài bài
(Sorry. I've got to go. Bye!)

Aoife: 拜拜! bài bài (Bye!)

Vocal talent by Groovi Pauli & Friends.
Lyrics by Groovi Pauli & Friends, all rights reserved.

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