[Super Luck With Money2.3 Phoenix]{Qigong Healing} Attract Great Customers, thriving business.




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Published on Jan 26, 2020

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This is "Qi-Gong Healing Programed Video" which provides huge Qi energy come through to your body, mind, room, home and around your energy field while you sleep.

This movie has requirement that you have accomplished play following "The Movie Step1" more than 180 days. The Movie Step1: http://bit.ly/2sHow1f

The configuration is this Super Rich2.
[Super Luck With Money2.3 Phoenix: Business Activity]: https://youtu.be/k8xDgqwvKPE
[Super Luck With Money2.2 Turtle: Direct Money]: https://youtu.be/cgcVZ36u5GI
[Super Luck With Money2.1 Crane: Money Environment]: https://youtu.be/hGPHl4GwZ9E

First of all removed mostly blockage from version 1 https://youtu.be/MPPJq1D9Les , then 2.1"Crane" will more advance to remove your money environment and timing. You'll receive idea of profit, and that will more active your money energy. Then 2.2 "Turtle" will more widely through money energy and get a chance of the money. Then 2.3 "Phenix" will turn to money energy, that's makes more you and your community will receive more profit.

[Important for using]
I'd like to advise that please do action if you decide to use this movie. This movie will remove money blockage from your subconscious and clean money energy line, but if you do not doing anything, that's totally meaningless and pointless. Inside out, you take more communication and go outside (better to be a long distance) will makes you more effective.

So please do action and listen to your voice from your heart, inspiration, intuition as much as possible.

If you think about only you can get profit business, unfortunately that's not last for long and plus opposite energy will run and you'll lose your profit in the feature. I'd like to advise that please think about for everybody will make happy from your business. And that's true business model, which will running last for long. Please keep in your mind that "Everything is connected".

[Effect of Super Luck With Money 2.3 Phoenix]
This movie will effect you more attracted and gain your customers, thriving business, flood of customers, roaring business.

[Donation Box]
If you feel some effect, I'm super appreciate your kindness.

[How to Use?]
Just simply play this video while you are in sleep, just in case, please use silence mode for using because some ads will be played. You do not necessary to watch, just play around you that's works, best way to use while you are in sleep, because you'll see full of energy after your wake up.

[Q and A]

[1HR Version]
For making your original Playlist.

Please do not play while your drive because you may sleep. This healing is only works on this YouTube Channel and online, see more detail at http://sattee.com/super_qa/

[About me "Sattee"]
My name is Sattee (Satoru Fujimoto) who is 2 kinds of Qi-Gong Masters, living in San Francisco, and sharing my healing ability to the world!!
more detail: http://sattee.com/english/

[More Energy?]
- Season4
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[Super Win Lottery]: coming soon!!
[Super Luck With Money2.3: Business Activity]: https://youtu.be/k8xDgqwvKPE
[Super Luck With Money2.2: Direct Money]: https://youtu.be/cgcVZ36u5GI
[Super Luck With Money2.1: Money Environment]: https://youtu.be/hGPHl4GwZ9E

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[Super Clear Mind: Makes Your IQ Higher]: https://youtu.be/tFnQ21Kw0yU
[Super Purifying2-2: Clean Your Body Energy]: https://youtu.be/Y43TyXrs8pU
[Super Increase Your Ability]: https://youtu.be/_3wBAdzvgio

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- Season1
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[Super Wish Your Dream]: https://youtu.be/Fkr4iyTOeUs
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[Super Luck With Money]: https://youtu.be/MPPJq1D9Les
[Super Healing Your Inner Child]: https://youtu.be/PfQWr8S5Lo8
[Super Purifying]: https://youtu.be/GoUBuqg--Kw
[Super Energetic]: https://youtu.be/688mG8Y6U1w

I wish you all the happiness in the world!!

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