I got arrested for asking a cop for ID!





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Published on Aug 13, 2009

Update: this case was heard in court, and the result was astounding!

I asked this question for a reason. I was not trying to cause trouble. I was defending our rights. I was trying to have a rational discourse with him, and teach him a bit about how far gone the rightful interpretation of the law in Canada is. Instead he taught me.

I was then brought downtown, treated disrespectfully, and put in a cold solitary confinement cell for 7 hours for being drunk which i wasn't.

I feel that not challenging authority will get us ALL in trouble in the long run. it wasn't about whether he was a cop or not. it was about whether he can make it all up as he goes along without being questioned or learning that he is actually my equal under the law. i broke no law.

I was simply exercising my rights.

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John Arizona
I gotta go with the cop on this one.
Peter Beedle
Looks more a case of a citizen abusing their rights than a cop abusing his.
you got arrested for tresspassing
The cop should have identified, but you got arrested for being a fuck wit.
Markley Gordon
What a moron.  You do not have citizen rights on private property.  You were arrested for trespassng because you refused to leave private property when asked to do so.
They were trespassing on private property, it shouldn't matter if they are a cop or not. If you are asked to leave, you no longer have the legal right to be there.
People who bait cops like this are the worst ever.  Just saying.
Mark McCormick
You got arrested, congrats.
Barring the trolls... the cop had no ID or badge which he... HAS!... to have... his ID ... Badge number.. to you!....plus NO radio and... im saying what  and what he had on i could buy ... at walmart... what load of crap...ya got 3.5mil veiws...well done...now wait for the trolls...i want 10%...lol
""Barring the trolls... the cop had no ID or badge which he... HAS!... to have... his ID ... Badge number.. to you!....plus NO radio and... "" You do realise that even a rent a cop or bouncer .. can kick out trespassers..  even if he wasnt a cop -- but was security.who only have to show ID to authroised persons ( ie cops and liqour licensing)   they would be well within there rights to phyiscally remove this kid
looks like you got arrested for acting like a moron
+SkepticsR_us oh shit, you told me
+klarusboy Looks like you're a balless prick.
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