I got arrested for asking a cop for ID!





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Published on Aug 13, 2009

Update: this case was heard in court, and the result was astounding!

I asked this question for a reason. I was not trying to cause trouble. I was defending our rights. I was trying to have a rational discourse with him, and teach him a bit about how far gone the rightful interpretation of the law in Canada is. Instead he taught me.

I was then brought downtown, treated disrespectfully, and put in a cold solitary confinement cell for 7 hours for being drunk which i wasn't.

I feel that not challenging authority will get us ALL in trouble in the long run. it wasn't about whether he was a cop or not. it was about whether he can make it all up as he goes along without being questioned or learning that he is actually my equal under the law. i broke no law.

I was simply exercising my rights.

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Josh Prior
This sort of thing happens a lot in the states as well. You really have to know what you're doing, because unfortunately well-intentioned people like you inspire idiots to question authority, but they do it all wrong and go to jail legitimately. Thanks for posting this though!
John Arizona
I gotta go with the cop on this one.
Bahahahahahahha What you get. The cop was actually being nice and you can tell he was just doing his job. He gave you multiple chances to leave but you just had to play the 21st century entitled prick card. Look at you now LOL
Peter Beedle
Looks more a case of a citizen abusing their rights than a cop abusing his.
The cop should have identified, but you got arrested for being a fuck wit.
They were trespassing on private property, it shouldn't matter if they are a cop or not. If you are asked to leave, you no longer have the legal right to be there.
Mark McCormick
You got arrested, congrats.
you got arrested for tresspassing
Right at 0:28 seconds the guy with the camera should have turned around and left, cop was even nice enough to warn him again after that but nooooo!  lol. 
I believe a person who doesn't obey a police officer's order should not be charged with any crime if the police officer fails to identify himself. Lets assume there is a law against trespassing in the park, and the police officer (assume he forget to carry his ID such that he can't identify himself) tries his best to enforce the law -- so far so good. However, if a person (we assume he is against trespassing law) refuses to follow the officer's order and is arrested; unfortunately the police officer hurts the person during arrest -- whose fault it is? A man in uniform can be ANYBODY before identifying himself, we are not obligated to listen to a random person in uniform without knowing who he is. I know we should not disturb law enforcement but the problem is we need to know it IS law enforcement first, otherwise we should fight for our lives not being handcuffed by a serial killers. No matter how "nice" or how "valid" a man in uniform looks like, we need to see his ID before knowing he is law enforcement -- we give every police officer an ID for some reasons.
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