~It Happens~ A Jb and Selena love story ep.24





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Uploaded on Jun 26, 2011

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Justin's POV ~ After endless hours of boarding planes and trying to get on the next plane on an empty stomach, I entered the hospital. I saw the cafeteria but changed my mind, Selena over food is an easy choice. As I finally got to her room I peeked inside. There, I saw her. I walked in and sat down on the chair next to her bed and took her hand in mine. She looked beautiful. End Of POV ~
Sel: *wakes up and sees Justin* Justin?
Justin: *smiling* 'Sup.
Sel: Take off the sunglasses. *serious*
Justin: Yes ma'am. *takes them off*
Sel: There. *smiles* I missed you.
Justin: I missed you t-
Ryan: *walks in* Ok, before this gets all sappy-
Justin: Get out.
Sel: *laughs* It's fine.
Ryan: *takes a seat next to Justin* How's Ms.Gomez?
Sel: Ms.Gomez is feeling better. *smiles*
Justin: *phone rings and he looks at it* I gotta take this. *walks out, in front of a window, so Selena can see him talking in the hallway*
Ryan: You know...I've been working out.
Sel: *raises an eyebrow* Define "working out"
Ryan: Ok, a push-up a day counts...
Justin: *on his phone* Yeah, I know that, I just can't...I'm sorry man.......uh-huh, yeah, I'm positive. B-but, dude, just listen to me...I know, look, I know....
Sel: *glances out the window and looks down*
Ryan: *looks behind and sees that she's looking at Justin*
Sel: It's his work, isn't it? I'm delaying him from making thousands of girls have their dreams come true. I-I can't believe it...
Ryan: No, Sel, it's different.
Sel: *sighs and looks up* How?
Ryan: *thinks: Wow, I didn't think I'd have to say anything else....eh, I'm just gonna wing it* Wellll...he really cares about u. If you told him not to come, he would've anyways!
Sel: *smiles* I guess your right...
Ryan: *thinks: HELL YEAH THAT WORKED. God, I'm good.*
Justin: *hangs up and comes in* Hey.
Sel: Who was that?
Justin: No one.
Sel: *bites her lip*
Justin: Hey, don't you worry about anything. I'm here for u.
Ryan: Hey, man, have you eaten? There's tacos across the street....*whispers* I'd rather eat fried worms than this jank hospital food.
Ryan: By jank, I meant good. *smiles*
Sel: *sighs* Boys will be boys, go eat your tacos.
Ryan: I was actually thinking about burritos now, but yeah, you know what, I'm just gonna go...*leaves*
Justin: *puts on his sunglasses* Love you like a love song. *kisses her forehead*
Sel: *closes her eyes, smiling* Don't you steal my idea.
Justin: *smiles*
Sel: Justin?
Justin: *about to walk out the door then stops* Yeah?
Sel: ...really, who was on the phone?
Justin: *sighs* Ok...maybe it was something important. But forget about it, it's ok-
Sel: Please, just tell me.
Justin: ....Fine. I'll tell you when I get back. For now, just get some rest.
Sel: If you say so...and if the doc says so, I guess. *turns to her side and falls asleep*
Justin: I don't wanna lose you. *sighs and puts back on his hat and leaves*
1. Who do you think was on the phone??
2. Fave line?
3. You wouldn't like it if I broke up Justlena again, right...or would you enjoy the drama? ;)
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