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Published on Mar 13, 2009

This video tries to compare the calibrations between DMC4 and its predecessors, DMC1 and DMC3.

I like DMC3 much more than DMC4, and, for that, may have guided the video to lower DMC4 and raise DMC3. If I did that, tell me. I tried to be as fair as possible.

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. I might do a second movie if needed. ; )


1. Rebellion Combo 2 doesn't have a final juggling slash in DMC4. The conection with Million Slash is unavoidable.

2. DMC3 Stinger can not be performed in sucession, as you can see in the video. But, in DMC4 (and DMC1 as well) multiple Stingers is possible.

3. Some parts of the video show the JumpCancelling technic being used in some attacks. Jump Cancelling is a looooot trickier in DMC4. Seems the enemies are more spacious and keeps Dante to far to perform JC fast and easy as DMC3.

4. The most distict change in Rebellion is the upgrade of Drive attack. DMC4 Drive unleashes three attacks, while DMC3 Drive unleashes only one ground crawling attack. Although, DMC3 Drive can be charged while moving, and DMC4 Drive needs a standing still charge.

5. DMC4 Round Trip goes farther and lasts long than DMC1 Round Trip, or DMC3 Sword Pierce.

6. Dance Macabre lasts equal in both games. Althoug DMC3's have a Crazy Move in the end, and has a wider range than DMC4's Dance Macabre.

7. ALL Gilgamesh moves are clones of Ifrit's or Beowulf's attacks. And it does not offer any look-a-like to Meteor/Comet, Beowulf's Hammer or Beowulf's Tornado.

8. DMC3 has aiming corrections in many Beowulfs attacks. Beowulf can change the direction of a charging attack to hit a moving enemy. Gilgamesh can't. Beowulfs Killer Bee goes almost vertical to hit a enemy below Dante, Gilgamesh always goes 45°.

9. Charged shots load lasts longer in DMC4.

10. In repeating shots with Shotgun, DMC1 takes 26 frames to shoot again. DMC3 takes 33 frames to shoot again. DMC4 takes 29 frames to shoot again.

11. Using E&I to cancel Shotgun reloding time does not work in DMC4. DMC3 Shotgun, mixed with E&I, may need less than 23 frames to shoot again.

12. Shotgun Jump Cancelling is harder on DMC4, as Jump Cancelling is overall harder.

13. Pandora can not be E&I Cancelled as well.

14. DMC4 Trickster only alows one Dash (Triple Dash only in Devil Trigger), but Trickster jamming over the enemy head works just like DMC3's.

15. Royal Guard changes nothing, only that DMC3's Ultimate was replaced by DreadNaught.

16. DMC4 DT without the "DT Heart" lasts praticaly the same as DMC3's DT. "DT Heart" gives you about five seconds more of DT.


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