Venus the Chimera split face, two face, odd eye, 2 diff color eyes... cat gone viral





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Published on Aug 21, 2012

****See my newest fun and playful vivid color HD video here - go to channel: VenusMommy or click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDdU_i...
And, please visit Venus's Facebook Page at:https://www.facebook.com/VenusTheAmaz.... This was a video made just to show that she is in fact real....not exciting but made more to show how sweet she is and that she is not photoshopped. 8.21.12

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FAAAAAKE... that is NOT a real carpet 
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Jensen Payne
+Andrew DHT dude... this was so long ago. dafuq
Andrew DHT
+Katelyn Marie you dont get jokes right?
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Mitchell Stucky
A Wallace
innit tho
Miss Lily
I hope her babies obtain her awesome genetics
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Rohan Zener
Miss Lily A tortoiseshell!
*яαυl* *ʝυαяєz*
Venus the Two Face Cat is it okay to get a stray kitten 2 week old that got abanded
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Im pretty sure this cat doesnt have any SPECIAL qualities, this is just a giant rare coincidence. Or atleast thats what I think. 
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Venus isn't That kind of Chimera, and what have you been watching?? I know this is a 2 year old comment, im sooo sorry for replying to it, but seriously lol.
Gina Powell
+ImperialBiscuit It is not a "taboo" topic...it is just one that is not considered to be ethical by some people..and that is not all that a chimera is...if you are going to attempt to "school" people on a topic maybe you need to do a little more research on it yourself first! And how in the world do you consider this cat to be a "cat/human" mutant? How do you figure a human into it at all? You know less about what you are talking about than all the people you are supposedly explaining it all to. lol, you arent joking...maybe not but I hope you arent trying to get us to take you seriously either.
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Tom Hank
And you all thought your own cat was super special.
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Uncreative Username
All cats are special. :3
Maija Holopainen
They are. Very super special.
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Lauren Wolfvalley
warrior name would be twoface?
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The Cat's Meow
How about Halfkit, Halfpaw, Halfheart, and Halfstone. Halfstar if you wish.
Starry Gravity
TwoKit, TwoPaw and TwoSpirit?
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This cat would have so much fun pretending to be different cats. Like she could turn left and be orange cat, turn right and be black cat. 0_0
Mr. A.T. Andrei ThomasTM
Its a fusion of Cole and Marmalade
Merco gaming244
Frederick Blitz
Billy Newman
No, +Jason P, it's not an illness. It's called having a chimeric gene and people can have it, too. Genetics, not a disease. Two cats fucked and made a crazy awesome baby.
Gina Powell
+Will N. According to the definition of chimeric gene, your statement makes no sense...if two cats just mated and reproduced of which this cat was a result then it does not have a chimeric gene.(chimeric gene  an artificial gene constructed by juxtaposition of fragments of unrelated genes or other DNA segments, which maythemselves have been altered.) Maybe you should research it yourself a bit before you attempt to instruct others and give them incorrect info.
Burt Reynolds
Just relaxing before she fights her archnemesis Batman again
Naruto Uzumaki
Arthur The Aardvark ratbat
Samori Samori
Burt Reynolds Catman Batcat Catbat brain explodes
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