Which JB are you on? -Episode 6- "Everybody has the Bieber Fever"





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Uploaded on Mar 10, 2011

She suddenly felt something touching her lips, she opened her eyes, realizing that a strawberry was being fed to her. She took a bite from it. It was Justin. Justin then took a slow bite of the remaining strawberry. Selena stared at him down from the tub, his hair all sweaty from the basketball game, a jersey and some basketball shorts on.

"This is hot" he said with a wink as he started taking off his shoes. He smiled at her. "I could really use a relaxing bubble bath right now". Selena lifted herself a little from the Jacuzzi and Justin leaned in and kissed her.

"You're so hot when you're all sweaty like this Justin" she said deepening the kiss.

"and you're so hot when you're all wet like this Selena" Justin said turned on. "I want you" he whispered in her ear. Selena turned her head slightly and gave him a sexy smile, batting her eyes. She stood up completely revealing her bare, wet body. She pulled her soaked hair back and watched as Justin's mouth dropped. She pulled him closer to him to the edge of the tub, and her wet body against his made his clothes wet. They kissed again. Justin felt her bare ass, and grabbed it tight. They started French kissing, their breathing growing heavier, Justin's dick hardening. She started pulling up his shirt without breaking the kiss, she kissed his neck, and then finally took his shirt off completely. She traced his abs with her wet finger, and gave him gentle kisses on his chest.

"You're so manly Justin" she said enjoying his taste. Justin gave a proud smirk, he pulled her chin up and kissed her again. She pulled him forcefully into the water, he fell in, splashing water all over the hotel's bathroom. They both laughed.

Justin wiped the water from his face, and shaked his head rapidly to get all the water from his hair. The warm soothing water felt good for the both of them, they sat next to each other in the warm water, their faces inches apart. He caressed her cheek gently with his hand, looking straight into her eyes. He kissed her again, very passionately, almost aggressively to a level. His tongue explored her mouth, his hand went onto her boobs. Feeling and grabbing them, turning him on even more. Selena brought her hands under the water and started pulling down his basketball shorts, leaving him in boxers. She started feeling his hard dick through his boxers, massaging it slowly. Their kiss wouldn't break, she put her hand inside his boxers and felt his dick. She started giving him a handjob.

He pulled away from the kiss. "Selena, please suck it again"

Selena giggled. "Justin, I-" she started saying, but then they heard the door of their hotel open.

"Selena!? Justin!?"

"shit" Justin said in shock.

Selena's face went blank.


-Later Outside-Nick-

"So man, how are you REALLY feeling?" Joe asked.

"Im fine, man" Nick responded.

"No you are not Nick, as far as I remember, you broke up with her." He told him.

"I suggested it. She agreed with it. It was unanimous" Nick responded quietly.

"Well, why are you all mad about this now?" he asked.

"Why would she date him? That little lesbian chick. He kicked us off the map, he's everywhere, and how he goes and dates Selena." Nick said angrily. "You have no idea how much that pisses me off"

"Dude, his fans are just horny teenagers" Joe said.

"I liked those horny teenager!" Nick spoke.

"Yeah, but it'd be weird to have those when we are adults" Joe said. "Now we have some horny women. They're just as passionate, just none of the obsession" Joe explained.

"Dude, I went to the store and their faces were everywhere. On my T.V, on the magazines, fucking everywhere. Justin this. Bieber that. Selena here. Gomez there." Nick responded. "And now I have to go fucking see his movie tonight." Nick said annoyed.

"Which Samantha bought with your money" Joe said holding back a chuckle.

"yes" Nick said a little bothered.

"Wont it be awkward seeing the guy you hate who's currently dating your ex girlfriend which you all of a sudden miss, oh, and he also sings a song with your other ex girlfriend, Ms. Cyrus, I heard he gets pretty touc-"

"Stop talking Joe" Nick told him as he stood up and left.

"Sorry! Have fun!" Joe called after him.

Later, Nick walked into the lobby of their rehearsal stadium, ready for his date with his girlfriend.

"Dude, you don't have to see the movie just cause she wants to see it" Kevin told him.

"I want to make her happy though, but I might tell her I don't wanna see it. She'll probably understand" he said, then he spotted her wearing a dark black jacket. "Hey Samantha!" he yelled after her. She turned around. When Nick said her shirt he felt like he'd explode.

'100% Belieber' it said. With a huge shirtless picture of Justin Bieber. The letters J and B each written on her cheeks.

"oh fuck no" Nick said to himself.

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