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  1. Family of Afghan Victims Want Swift Justice

  2. GOP Candidates Struggle to Define Afghan Policy

  3. Army General: Afghan Case Will Be 'Long Process'

  4. Clinton: US Still Open to Taliban Talks

  5. Gen. Allen: Afghanistan Mission on Track

  6. PTSD As Possible Defense in Afghan Killings

  7. Obama, Cameron Vow No Rush for Afghan Exit

  8. Obama Reaffirms Commitment to Afghan Strategy

  9. Raw Video: Panetta Makes Surprise Afghan Visit

  10. US Troop Still Held in 16 Afghan Civilian Deaths

  11. Lewis-McChord Pipeline for Troops, Trouble

  12. Raw Video: Taliban Fire on Afghan Officials

  13. Taliban Fire on Afghan Officials at Attack Site

  14. White House: No Change in Afghan Strategy

  15. U.S.: Military Committed to Afghan Strategy

  16. Carney: Afghan Turmoil Won't Change Strategy

  17. Pentagon: Committed to Afghan Strategy

  18. More Afghan Violence Despite Obama Apology

  19. Raw Video: Afghan Protests Grow More Violent

  20. 7 Killed As Afghan Quran Protests Turn Violent

  21. Military Apologizes for Quran Burning

  22. Angry Afghans Protest Quran Burnings

  23. Should U.S. Arm Medevacs in Afghanistan?

  24. Afghans Blast Sarkozy's Troop Withdrawal Plan

  25. ISAF: Marine Helicopter Not Hit by Enemy Fire