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Published on Aug 25, 2011

love stories happen everyday...

This is my first time ever directing. I wrote this story on a flight to NY, inspired by the idea of two lovers meeting because of their phones. I wanted to try something different from my normal makeup tutorials, so I hope you guys enjoy this love story meshed with a makeup tutorial :) Please watch till the end!

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More behind the scene photos!

Songs used include:

"Bumble Bee" by Joseph Vincent

Original score by George Shaw http://georgeshawmusic.com
"Candlelit Pool"

This video features the new Samsung Conquer 4G available from Sprint. Visit http://bit.ly/SamsungConquer4GBySprint for more information on where to find this awesome phone.

Special Thank You To:

Jack Morton Worldwide http://jackmorton.com
KanRocksas Music Festival http://kanrocksas.com
Jen aka frmheadtotoe and Hannah http://youtube.com/frmheadtotoe

Directed by Michelle Phan

Starring Joseph Vincent http://youtube.com/hoorahjencar
Featuring Jen and Hana http://youtube.com/frmheadtotoe

Produced by Richard Frias http://mighty-fresh.com

Cinematography by Kristoffer Carrillo http://kriscarrillo.com
Camera Assistant Lee Bennet Narby
Photo Assistant Jimmy Ngo

"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them." - Carrie Bradshaw

Phone provided by Samsung. Video edited by myself. Dress from a vintage store. Joe's shirt is from Old Navy :)

Comments • 16,458

I got yes jams
Who steals a random persons hat and then their phone?
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Super Pony
I thought that guy was her friend she was talking to earlier? o,o
Happy The Cat
A creeper
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ERIN Xiong
Is it weird that i got reminded of ryan higa? CX XD
View all 13 replies
reyna korrin
omg I thought it was him too
Princess Byakugan
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anyone thought he looks like ryan?? 
View all 3 replies
Diane Pearson
I thought it was one of his friends
Deborah M.
I did too! I was like, "Is that Ryan?"
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If a random guy constantly fucked with me I'd be so annoyed.
Maddie Diamandis
thats exactly what i was thinking
Miss Boss
Too bad romantic shit like this doesn't happen in real life.
View all 3 replies
I'm pretty sure him randomly taking her stuff and following her around would be sexual harrasment
LifeCath Style
+Maily Hoang u r absolutely right!
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AnimeIsLoveBTSIsLifeAndJHopeIsHope BiasWrecker
How to get a gf or bf: just steal stuff from that person xD
View all 3 replies
J-hope!! My heartu ~ xD
Nevena Marković
Love comes when you least expect it. Just be confident and be yourself, you'll get someones attention. Don't stress about it tho. ;)
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Well if some stranger took MY phone, I'd smack him down
View all 6 replies
Mosy Al
unless he is cute
Amish Beetroot
+Tamara Love omg I'm dumb
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Nonna D
This girl is so average looking... BUT the way she transforms her face with make up is genious! In some videos she looks like a superstar!This shows how effective make up can be and to look super hot is actually easy!
Kookie Llama
I'd find that guy and beat the crap out of him if he took my phone just like that. I don't f*** with those kind of people. I'd text him like "b*tch give me back my phone if you still want to live. LOL
Random Mist
lol ikr
her hair is so damaged here.... :O
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+I am Number four I like your name. 🌝
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