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Published on Nov 29, 2011

"I been told the boy May 5th is open. I told him May 5th is open...Now you know me, to all the FightHype fans and all the fans, May 5th is the date. Sign the contract! Sign the contract! I'm waiting. Now I can't be sitting waiting all day, now. You want a fight, let's make it happen. May 5th! Now this is FightHype coming to you live. This is exclusive. May 5th, let's make the fight. I'm here. I'm waiting. What's going on? You said you a clean athelete and you said you would take the tests and all that. Well let's do it," stated undefeated pound-for-pound champion Floyd Mayweather, who made it crystal clear that May 5th is the date of his next fight, and if Manny Pacquiao is ready, he's still waiting for him and his team to begin negotiations and finalize a contract. You don't want to miss what else Mayweather had to say in this exclusive interview. Check it out!

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Comments • 2,202

Marcus LosGreat
People really don't appreciate how much knowledge he has on the game. Say what you want about Mayweather but dude is about his business!!
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Solid Mercury
+Black Pelasgian Listen butthead, No need for name calling. you call me an idiot, because I said the truth about Floyd, which hurts of course. My favourite boxers of all time are black boxers: Ali, Sugar Ray, Tyson and I'm not white nor american, so stop being sensitive and referring everything to racism. That's a lousy excuse shows less self confidence. I think that Floyd is the best defensive boxer of all time, but hell no, he is not TBE. Have you ever heard anybody accusing these quality boxers: Ali, Sugar Ray, Tyson for being scared, runners, huggers, or if their boxing matches ever been boring.......hell no. They always deliver to the audience a great match. Think different..................................................................................................
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No Names22
Love how he asks him about Pacquiao then he starts studdering and gets all nervous. Then he starts to talk all this shit like usual your all talk dude seriously how many times has Pac man called you out in interviews,said you were scared of him live on sports center, so many videos ive seen. and all the videos i see from you is just shit talking but you wont step in the ring. He recently called you out to fight for charity you want the fight like you say in all your videos then make it happen and accept the challenge. Tired of seeing this guy talk.
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Benjie Peth
+Jerome Jax  yeah I know. but it was already known that he's using drugs. 
Jerome Jax
+benjie1023code 49-0 Bitch!
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jovaniohk ditori
Does anyone else find these dum sluts in the background talking so fucking annoying. Shut the fuck up. Shit
Flip D Switch
All the fools who have posted about mayweather being afraid of pacquaio should do the right thing now and delete their comments cause Im seeing the same ole shit on every video
Isaiah Simmons
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Ashley Jiggen
he is dominating for fighting style like a gay, run away duck away and ofcourse he'll never lose because he always choose a weak opponent. no boxers gets 8  diffrent titles nor gayweather, even if he reincarnated a million times.
OneTwo Kombo
You A Floyd Fan Not A Boxing Fan Get The Fvck Outta Here! 
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J Smith
Its amazing how many are saying Floyd is "scared" when Pacman is the one who refused the fight for years. Only now that he's fighting in soup kitchens in Asia does the story of Manny Pacquiao become clear: Manny's fans keep his hype alive a lot better than his winning ways. When Pacquiao is getting laid out and hasn't won a match since 2011 before beating Rios who was coming off a loss, you know his fans are delusional. Who is ducking someone a guy who is too scared to fight world champions and #1 ranked fighters? When every fight winds up being a catchweight against a guy coming off a loss, isn't that a red flag of a guy looking to pad his record even if it is against guys who stull had star power names? If Pacquiao was so good, then why does he seem to always have to prove it against 5th ranked fighters? Pacquiao fans won't answer that because: 1 - most of them can't speak English 2 - most of them just don't know the answer because they don't really watch boxing 3 - the truth isn't on their side 4 - most of them are racist and would rather lie than admit the truth The worst part of it all is that Pacquiao fans are so desperate that they've had to break ties with reality in order to make Pacquiao seem like he's still relevant. He hasn't been since 2011. At this point, Danny Garcia is a better fighter who has had better wins. So is Tim Bradley. So is Lucas Matthyse. So is Canelo Alvarez. And that's EXACTLY WHY Manny Pacquiao didn't try to fight any of them and went after the loser of Rios/Alverado. Manny isn't just scared of Mayweather. He's scared of any guy who is coming off a huge win. That's why he targets losers even when winners are available for a fight.
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henry huynh
o really my bad how cme it seems like that all ver the internet kakaka
WeDoChicken Right
+J Smith hey CHIMP!!! LOL
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Yes or no, was Manny put to sleep by Marquez? Was Floyd Ever knocked out by ANYONE? Maidana couldnt knock out Floyd in two fights even fighting dirty and Manny would get knocked out by Maidana. He wouldn't last 5 rounds. Your Shit is Laughable. Manny is not whipping nobody. He beats C-rated Rios and Algeri now he is King? Really. Only pactoid fans give him a chance. Every Sports announcer or anybody in the fight game says Floyd would pick apart Manny. Can't wait to hear the excuses after the fight when Manny is destroyed.
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49-0 is that retard enough for your candy ass? lmao
No, I don't speak retard. What was that again?
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D Heisenberg
almost 3 years......Pacquiao finally agreed to sign the contract but its May 2 2015 not May 5 2012...thanks to his tax problem and being finally sober to PEDs, fight is ON!
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Sasha Sarronen
+D Heisenberg Oh i misunderstood you.
D Heisenberg
+Sasha Sarronen thats what im trying to say you piece of SHiiiiiiiiiT!!!
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Brn Pasto
Listening to black people talking can lower my IQ. Sorry I cannot finish the video. 
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J Smith
+Tru Story Most pactards are rabid racists because they have so little to be proud of. So they use a discussion about boxing to start race baiting. What's worse is that they know its true. That's why they are so self conscious about themselves and defensive about Pacquiao.
Levi Anthony
+J Smith wat an ignorant comment +Ashley Jiggen made....very pathetic 
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Vince Melgoza
Pac ain't ready. Just like bitchmaidana was never ready, he just wanted to cheat. Pac fans just wanna see a redemption & they think beating Floyd would do it. But Miss Pacman can't beat Floyd. Pac is still sleepin'. #TBE
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Sasha Sarronen
+Vince Melgoza You was ahead of you're time.
HH Turfo
It won't happen, like Floyd made it his staple food.
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