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Uploaded on May 30, 2011

Please comment , i know its boring but it'll get better. I promise
Selena POV

I walked down the stairs the next morning to find my dad in the kitchen drinking some orange juice and checking his computer, same as always. I walked up to him as I was still brushing my wet hair and slightly smiled.

SD-'Good morning sweetheart.' He smiled at me.
S-'Youre going out already?'
SD-'You know the first day is always the hardest.'
SD-'What are you going to do?'
S-'Im not sure yet.'
SD-'Go make some friends.'
SD-Why don't you join me for lunch at the restaurant?'
S-'I think I'll cook myself something.'
S-'Maybe, I'll let you know.'
SD-'I hat making you move so much.' He sighed.
S-'Dad its fine, im used to it.'
SD-'Ok then.' He looked at me.
S-'Do you want breakfast?'
SD-'thanks, but no im fine. I better head out.'
SD-'Love you.' He said and kissed my forehead.
S-'Love you too dad.' I slightly smiled up at him before he left.
I spent the morning at home just unpacking and organizing things. That was basically what I did the day after we got to our new location. It was now after 1 and I was walking out of the best public school in town.

I was always the one who signed me up for school and well it was weird to start the senior year on the second semester, but well I'll figure out what I would do about that. I always made friends, but well they weren't really selena's friends. Because I was never selena.

After signing out for school I went to the grocery store and got us the basic things. With my dad working at restaurants we always ate there, we just needed the basics, nothing big. It was one of the simple parts.

It was now after 6 and I walked down the stairs in some of my shorts and a plain white t-shirt. This were my pjs. I sat down on the couch and pulled my laptop out. I clicked on the facebook page and looked at the walls anna Gomez had, that's who I had been in the past town.

I always changed my name depending on what I felt like doing. In boston I was macy Gomez, the cheerleader. In Miami I was Claire Gomez, the yearbook editor and in texas I was anna Gomez, the social girl everyone knew who was in the drama club. I always tried something new.

You might wonder, why the hell would I want to change my personality? Well its not because I don't like who I am, the reason is because I don't want to be reminded of my past, it hurts too bad to remember.

I signed out and clicked on the icon marking 'register now.' I started to write down information about who I was going to be here. Elizabeth Gomez, one of the music girls I thought. I was writing down stuff when I felt some noises coming from outside.

I closed my laptop and headed outside to the back porch. In the space between my house and next door's were some people sitting down with beers and cokes in hand. They noticed me standing there before I could turn around and leave.

T-'Hey.' A blonde girl smiled at me , she had her curls flying everywhere.
M-'So you're the one that moved next door?'
S-'yeah, yesterday.'
T-'Come join us.' She patted a space next to her, and I just awkwardly stood there-
L-'We wont bite.' A tall blonde guy smiled at me.
S-'I should better get back inside, and unpack.'
T-'no!! you should go to this party a few houses away with us!!'
M-¡Comme on it'll be fun!' the brunette said.
L-'You could start meeting people.'
S-'I really don't know-'
T-'Come on!' she smiled as she started to pull me with her and I just looked at them.
M-'im miley by the way.' She said as we started to reach a house with loud music, and full of people.
L-'Im liam.'
T-'Taylor here.' She said as we entered the house and because of the pumping loud music I couldn't really introduce myself.
A while later I was standing there in the middle of the huge party with the miley girl next to me. I just stood there not talking, not dancing, just looking around. I should just better go. It was then when the liam guy brought me something to srink and I slightly smiled at him, this was akward. It was then when someone came running in screaming
Random person-'THE POLICE IS COMING!!'he said and suddenly sirens filled my ears as people started to run out of the house. I was too shocked to do anything so I just stood there in the middle of the backyard not moving. It was then when I felt a bright light on me and a voice telling me to stay there. I, of course refused to obey and started to run in the direction of my house, the light still chasing me. I was so near when I felt the siren getting louder and the light still chasing me, I jumped in some bushes and before I knew it someone was pushing me in some kind of door.


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