FST Foekema Symmetric Twostroke, new scavening ? Read below !

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Gepubliceerd op 16 mrt. 2008

Read here how Frits Overmars got his idee:

The first FST text was published on 19 january 2008. 2 month later on 16 March 2008 at 20.00hr the first FST engine was started in my home and my wife Hetty did make the video on YouTube. One day later Jan Thiel called me to congratulate me, that was close before he went to Thailand.

Read everything about this new 2t system on my facebook page

- Fst Kreidler engine 50cc
- 5 speed (special)
- UitraSap Ignition
- .....hp at 18.000 rpm (theoretical 30hp)

I started racing in 1964. Computers were still not there. I did hardly no calculation. With the advent of the computer everything has changed and complicated calculations are no problem any more. All old historical notes were struggling. In the past 15 years I got a number of programs. Beside I did developed many programs myself in Excel. It was my profession to do so for my employer for many years.
In 2003 also began making calculations for third parties. Not everything, but a lot can be calculated very accurately for any twostroke engine. For instance the exhaustpipe can be calculated in almost exactly the correct speed for which the setup and cylinder is optimal. Even by a large kart engines manufacturer (TM) was found to be not entirely correct. With a new calculated combustion chamber and exhaustpipe it was far better then before.
This is also partly due to the information I got from Jan Thiel and was freely available after retiring from Aprilia racing end 2007.
Also the UltraSap ignition developed by my son Raimond was a very important part. The combustion and power are strongly influenced. Read about this subject my note on Facebook



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