Just Friends, (S2) a JB love story (eppy 43)





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Published on Nov 8, 2009

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Danny: MADDIE?!
Caitlyn: what!?
Maddie: hi,
Danny: what are you doing here?! *hugs her*
Maddie: I cant stand to live at that stupid academy anymore! I have a home here.
Danny: *sways her back and forth* did you run away?
Maddie: mhm.
Danny: how long did it take you?
Maddie: 2 buses, and a 10 mile walk. a total of 2 and a half days.*drops her bags on the floor*
Danny: come on baby sis, *leads her to the couch next to Caitlyn*
Caitlyn: *hugs her*
Maddie: *really tired*
Danny: are you hungry?
Maddie: mmhm.
Danny: what do you want?
Maddie: peanut butter toast, diet coke.
Danny: *goes in the kitchen*
Caitlyn: we missed you Mads,
Maddie: *sniffles*
Caitlyn: aww why are you crying?
Maddie: I dont know, *crying*
Caitlyn: your just over tired,
Maddie: *sobs*
Danny: *brings the food in* here sis, eat this, and then go take a nap.
Maddie: *eats*
Caitlyn: *rubs the back of her head*
Maddie: *finishes, stands up, her legs wobble*
Danny: whoa, *catches her* come on, I'll help you. *leads her upstairs to her room*
Maddie: *collapses on the bed*
Danny: *opens the blinds and knocks on Nick's window*
Nick: *opens his blinds* Danny?
Danny: hey, I have a surprise for you,
Nick: what?
Danny: *moves away from the window*
Nick: *sees Maddie, his eyes widen* Maddie!
Maddie: *smiles a little* hi Nick.
Nick: *climbs through the window, sits on the edge of the bed*
Danny: make sure she sleeps. *leaves*
Nick: *whispers* hi baby.
Maddie: *holds her arms out*
Nick: *lays down next to her, kisses her softly*
Maddie: *blushes* I missed you.
Nick: I missed you too, but you really need sleep.
Maddie: *nods, then curls up really close to him*
Nick: *rubbing her back* I love you.
Maddie: *sleeping*
Toby: she ran away from the academy?!
Danny: yea, she hasnt eaten or slept.
Bella: *holding Grace* poor girl.
Kevin: well, what should we do?
Joe: she'll be taken away for good if they find out we didnt tell anyone shes here.
Caitlyn: but...she HAS to stay here.
Danny: we know that, but until they find Mom and Dad, we're screwed. *home phone rings*
Toby: let me do the talking. *answers* hello?
Miss Forrest: hello this is Wendy Forrest, and we would like to inform you that Madelyn Wilson has run away from the academy. We have police on the look---
Toby: actually, Maddie came back here, and thats really bad that you called here 2 days AFTER she ran away. she couldve gotten really hurt.
Miss Forrest: I apologize.
Toby: yea well, be glad I'm a reasonable man.
Miss Forrest: I'll be there tomorrow morning.
Toby: thank you *hangs up*
Caitlyn: why did you tell them Maddie was here?!!?! Now theyre gonna take her away!
Toby: what was I supposed to do Cait?
Caitlyn: lie!
Toby: we could all go to jail.
Caitlyn: ..*sniffles* I want my little sister to stay here. *crying*
Joe: *hugs her*
(UPSTAIRS, an hour later)
Nick: *stroking Maddies hair*
Maddie: *opens her eyes* hi Nick.
Nick: *smiles*
Maddie: *snuggles closer*
Nick: *kisses the top of her head* lets go downstairs.
Maddie: carry me?
Nick: *scoops her up and carries her downstairs*
Toby: *smiles* hello baby sis.
Maddie: Toby!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs and hugs him*
Toby: *keeps her in the hug*
Grace: *reaches for Toby*
Maddie: is that her?
Toby: *nods, and picks up Grace*
Maddie: whats her name?
Toby: Grace.
Maddie: *smiles a bit* shes so cute!
Nick: *holding her hand*
Maddie: so, whats for dinner?
Danny: *answers* MOM?! DAD?!
AGAIN WITH THE DOORBELL! maybe next time itll be santa..

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