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NUNS Generations - Survival 4-10 - All-Out Kekkei Genkai Battle (2 of 2)





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Published on May 30, 2012

We're almost done with Survival here. This is the latter half, time-wise, of Survival 4-10, which focuses on kekkei genkai, or inherited abilities:
Battle 8 - Mizukage, with Tsuchikage and Kurotsuchi
Battle 9 - Tsuchikage, with Ao and Danzo
Battle 10 - First Hokage, with Yamato and Tobi
Battle 11 - Masked Man, with Danzo and Pain
Battle 12 - Sasuke (Susano'o), with Tsuchikage and Mizukage
A kekkei genkai is a technique inherited via genetics. The only way to use a kekkei genkai is if someone is born with the capability (typically restricted to one family, though some are quite large in numbers, such as the Uchihas--before the massacre, at least) or if someone takes a body part needed to use it. For more information, check the description for part 1 of this challenge.

The Fifth Mizukage, Mei Terumi, was born with three elemental releases (called styles in this game): Earth, Water, and Fire. She is practically the only ninja with this many who didn't take them from other people (such is the case with Kakuzu and Tobi, for instance). She combines them together to make techniques involving magma and steam that are unique to herself.

The Third Tsuchikage, Ohnoki, has the kekkei genkai Particle Release (also known as Particle Style, Dust Style, or Atomic Style), where he creates geometric shapes that, when shot and embedded into something, will demolecularize anything within. Ohnoki is capable of annihilating islands in this way. Ohnoki can also levitate with little effort (and can carry the very large Akatsuchi doing so), though I don't know if that's a kekkei genkai or not. It's pretty clear Akatsuchi can't, even though he is one of the Hidden Rock Village's best ninja.

Kurotsuchi (not to be confused with Mayuri or Nemu Kurotsuchi from Bleach) can use quicklime-based techniques. Quicklime is a type of cement, and she uses it to trap adversaries. This makes her support attack one of the ones that does no direct damage (the others being Sakon and Ukon's and Kidomaru's). Quicklime jutsu makes use of her Water and Earth releases. Water and Earth can also combine to form Wood Release, which the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, created and, unlike other kekkei genkai, was unique to him and never inherited.

Like in the first seven battles, I'm using Naruto (Part I), Tobi, and Sakura (Part I). Naruto may not have been born with a kkeki genkai, but the Nine-Tailed Fox inside of him has given him access to a lot of techniques few others can learn, most notably the Rasengan and the Massive Shadow Clones.

And, of course, i finish Advanced Survival here. For this trouble, i get two Achievements, together worth 45G: "Advanced Survivor!," worth 15G, and "Master Survivor!," worth 30G. The former needs no explanation; the latter means I've finished all of the challenges.

All that's left is Ultimate Survival, which is endless. I'm just going to play 10 battles, and I'll stop.


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