Dr. Greg Jenkins Exposed During Ambush Interview of Dr. Judy Wood





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Published on Mar 28, 2010

I am very grateful to Dr. Greg Jenkins for conducting his ambush interview of Dr. Judy Wood, because his agenda actually highlighted the importance of Dr. Wood's work. The amount of effort being put forth to attempt to discredit Dr. Wood and convince people to not look at the overwhelming sum of evidence she has gathered is truly remarkable. I find it very interesting that Dr. Jenkins, who works/worked for NSA, showed up with full lighting and camera crews after a talk given by Dr. Fetzer, who had insisted Dr. Wood attend his talk. No one else knew Dr. Wood would be there. Just as she was leaving, around 12am, Jenkins spontaneously confronted Dr. Wood and asked her to do an interview on the spot. Why didn't Dr. Jenkins contact Dr. Wood ahead of time to get advanced permission for the interview? Why didn't Dr. Jenkins attend the conference, but only showed up at the very end of it for the specific purpose of asking Dr. Wood to do this spontaneous interview? Why did Dr. Jenkins show up with full lighting and camera crews, yet he only brought one black and white photo of the thousands of full color photos, videos, documents, and graphs Dr. Wood has gathered, only to later insert the full-color copy of the image into the edited video recording of the interview?

I find it admirable that Dr. Wood was right all along about the fact that the majority of the WTC buildings were transformed to fine dust, especially considering that she has been trying to wake the public up to that fact for over 4 years now. Others are still catching up, as today it is a commonly known fact that the WTC buildings were primarily turned to dust on 9/11. I wonder if Dr. Jenkins has corrected his false claims that the buildings were not turned to dust, or if he still believes the nonsense he was trying to promote throughout the interview... As Dr. Wood often says, you first need to determine WHAT happened, before you determine HOW it happened. If you skip the first part and assume you know what happened, further discussion tends to be rather meaningless and unscientific. Dr. Wood identified that the buildings were transformed to dust, and for some strange reason, Dr. Jenkins really wanted to avoid discussing that topic.

Dr. Judy Wood held strong in her scientific position all these years, and thank goodness she has. Her observations were correct, right from the start. It was this fortitude of hers which has forced Richard Gage (and others) into finally acknowledging the fact that the majority of the WTC buildings turned to dust in mid air. However, that puts Richard Gage and Dr. Steven Jones in a very difficult position, because thermite does not turn buildings into powder in mid air, nor do explosives of any kind... :)

Here is the transcript from the interview, which allows for a more detailed analysis of the dialogue: http://drjudywood.com/articles/transc...

Here is the official release of Greg Jenkins' original video recording of the interview, which includes the additional content that he added before the video was released: http://video.google.com/videoplay?doc...

Here is a brief summary of the thousands of photos, videos, graphs, and documents Dr. Judy Wood has gathered, which explosives of any kind do NOT explain: http://www.drjudywood.com/wtc

Has the 9/11 "Truth" Movement Always Been Corrupt? http://axisoflogic.com/artman/publish...

Thank you for your time, consideration, and help.


Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez
M4 Medical Student
B.S. Biology / Neurobiology

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