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Published on Nov 8, 2011

Chapter 13

"You fluff that pillow one more time, and I'll make you eat it!" Allie snapped at Joe. With a smile he dropped his hands from the pillow and stepped back.

"I'm just trying to make you more comfortable," Joe defended. "You were specifically told to rest." Allie sighed and looked around the room. Her family and friends surrounded her. When the news had spread that she almost miscarried her baby they had all flocked to be near her. The doctor had admitted her to the hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy. Allie just wanted to be alone.

"Joe, can't you just leave me alone? Once I have this baby I'm leaving." She watched Joe exchange a glance with her uncle. She knew they both wanted to convince her to stay. "And you all know why."

"Keep telling yourself that babe. You and I both know how excited you are to have this baby with me."

"Get out of here!" Allie spat back as she tried to get out of her bed. It took Joe only seconds and a firm hand to tuck her back in.

"You are on bed rest for the remainder of this pregnancy. If I have to stand here and guard your bed to guarantee that I will." Allie opened her mouth to snap back at Joe, but was interrupted by the voice of someone she hadn't expected to come.

"Don't even say it Al," Dani called out from the doorway. "You'll regret it if you do." Allie watched as Dani strolled past Kevin. He reached out to snag her hand, but she shook it off. "I didn't come here for you. Could everyone please give Allie and me a minute alone?" Kevin looked disappointed, but he left the room along with the others. Joe hesitated, and finally left at Dani's insistent glare. "You and I need to talk."

"I'm not really in the mood," Allie said turning her head away.

"That's okay. I really just want you to listen. Let's start off with the obvious items first. You're pregnant with Joe's baby. You love Joe. Joe loves you. So you're going to stop with all this talk of leaving once the baby is born, okay?"


"What your mom did was unthinkable. I can understand that you are scared. But you're going to have to trust that Joe's love and faith in you will help you through anything. Don't you realize how much someone else would die to be in your situation? Joe loves you and you're having his baby."


"I can only dream of having Kevin's baby. I don't get to experience a life growing inside of me. My husband kissed another woman!"

"Kevin did what?"

"Just shut up and pay attention! You are the only person keeping you from experiencing the happiness that is right in front of you. So cut the surly attitude and let Joe take care of you."

"Are you done?" Dani nodded her agreement. Allie was about to answer when Dani sat down on the chair next to her bed rather quickly. "Dani are you okay?"

"The room is a little spinny, that's all. I probably got a rush from yelling at you like that."

"Do you want something to eat?"

"No thanks. The sight of food nauseates me lately."

"If I let Joe in then you have to give Kevin a chance."

"This isn't a contract negotiation."

"Kevin wrote you a song. Ask him to play it for you. If it doesn't change your mind then I'll stop meddling in your relationship with Kevin." Dani shook her hand in agreement.

"Should I get everyone back in here?"

"Can you just ask Joe to come in? I'd like to talk to him first." Dani exited the room. Allie was able to catch a faint glimpse of Kevin who watched Dani's every move while she was in the hallway. Hopefully, Kevin's lyrics would win over his wife. Allie smiled as Joe walked into the room and shut the door.

"You asked for me?" Joe asked hopefully.

"I want to apologize for my attitude all of this time. I was scared and trying to push you away. You were only trying to help me."

"I love you Allie. I love that you're having my baby. I want us to be a family." Allie grabbed his arms and placed his hand on her rather large stomach.

"I want us to be a family too. You. Me. Our daughter." She watched his face light up.

"We're having a little girl?" Allie relaxed as Joe crawled up into the bed beside her while rubbing her belly. Her fears were still there, but with Joe by her side they suddenly weren't so scary.

[AN: Joe and Allie are so cute!]


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