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Published on Feb 4, 2012

Demonstrators are calling for Argentina to break off economic relations with the UK has the UK sends warships to the region over the Malvinas islands dispute.

Press TV has interviewed Allen Roland, freelance alternative press online columnist and psychotherapist from California about how Latin America is supporting Argentina to stand up for their sovereignty and take back the Malvinas islands stolen from them under colonialism. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Argentina wants the islands back and even the UN calls the Malvinas islands to continue. They want their sovereign territory back to the islands colony. So you think Britain would return the land to its real owners?

Allen Roland: Let's put it this way - there's a bigger picture going on here and the bigger picture is this: Argentina like a lot of other countries now are feeling their muscle and they're tired of being bullied by the West - the West includes the US and the UK.

They are getting the support of a lot of other regional countries. So, right now, Malvinas has the upper hand. There is not going to be an armed conflict because, number one, back in 1982 when that happened Argentina was under a military regime. It's a democratic regime right now that would most likely go through the UK, which seems sympathetic.

This is an indication that South America and other countries, Latin American countries are saying, hey, you can't push us around anymore Western countries and that includes the UK and the US - that's the big picture here and I think it's a very positive picture because it's true; they're successful, their powerful and they're saying the old game doesn't work anymore.

Press TV: You're saying that Latin American countries are saying you can't push us around anymore; however, Britain has sent a warship to the islands as Argentina's' neighbors unite against colonialist's ambition for the Malvinas Islands. Where do you think the standoff is headed?

Allen Roland: The UK wants to build an airport there, too - This is all part of the posturing - The bullying. Look at how many ships - you've got two attack carrier groups in the Persian Gulf. This is part of the Western muscle posture, we'll send our warships down there - it's an old war game strategy just to scare you; it's not going to work.

They should call the bluff; just like Iran should call the West's bluff in the Persian Gulf, too. Malvinas has some strong support on its side, so it's bluff. The West is being bluffed, it's not going to go down easily, but it's going to have to basically yield to diplomacy.

The UN is going to carry the ball on this. Don't expect any big moves by the UK in regards to taking territory; or Argentina for that matter either. But it's really about something else and I'll repeat myself - is that Argentina, Latin Americans countries are saying enough is enough. We want our voice; we're not going to be bullied around and we want our sovereignty.

Comments • 115

Matt Gove
Fuck off you dirty dagos.  The falklands are british and will always be.
Kreg Fggv
Argentina will provoke another war with the UK guaranteed
Fighting Force
Its called the "Falklands islands" NOT malvinas...
I love way any facts are just ignored. Britain had a colony on the Falklands before Argentina was invented. Britain invited Argentina to the International court of law to sort out all claims.Argentina SHIT ITSELF! THEY WOULDN'T GO! FACTS count in a court room,not emotional mumblings. And some of the stupid Tat that people spout! Its closer than the UK? WTF does that mean!! LOL!! USA is closer to Cuba than Argentina is to the Falklands. Doesn't mean US owns Cuba!! IDIOTS!! THEY GET NOTHING!! 
Michael Lynch
they call them malvinas but state its BRITISH
Scottx125Productions - Spiffingly Serious British Gaming!
Lol this guy does not know what he is on about, UK will not give up the Falkland Islands, we asked the people on the Island if they wanted to remain part of the UK and 99.9% said YES. Oh, and were gonna start mining that oil too :).
Bradley Wells
Fuck off they are our islands and we will fight for the islands
Benjamin Berry
we are not pushing the latin american countries around we are pushing them back, the americans need to stay out of this, if anything from the amount of support we have given them in conflicts they should be on our side
Benjamin Berry
allen roland is an idiot how is the UK west relative to the UK
Benjamin Berry
the falklands belonged to the british before argentina gained its independence they have never belonged to u and just to prove it we had to humiliate your military in front of the international community and we can and will do it again
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