Why Do Catholics Pray to Saints?





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Published on Aug 26, 2009

"Thanks for playing..wrong answer!" Fr. Jeff explains Catholics REAL relationships to our saints

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Heath G
Actually praying through saints or ANYTHING aside from praying to God is WRONG. So you loose 500 points.
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I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me (JESUS!) -John 14:6 PRAYING TO SAINTS IS LIKE PRAYING TO THE DEVIL! BE WARNED!
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Marlon Peiris
I can say one thing. I'm a catholic. Been one all my life. I've prayer the rosary even as a teenager. One day i prayed one seed of the rosary for 45min, and I was that dedicated. But 7 years ago I was Born again. I met Jesus and accepted Him as my savior. Ever since then my hearts desire is to follow Him and be in communion with Him. Seek His strength and guidance to work for our Father's Kingdom. He changes my old nature and creates a new Spirit in my heart. Now I tell my brothers and sisters in the Catholic church, seek God with all your heart and you will find Him. When you do you will no longer ask saints or mary to pray for you. Read the Holy Bible daily morning and evening. The good news is, because of Jesus's faithfulness on the cross and our faith in Him we now have a restored relationship with God our creator. For this is God's plan highlighted int he Bible. For those who say asking saints and mary to pray for you is the same as asking others in the church, all I can say is the scriptures (Specially Paul) highlights the importance of interceding for one another who are part of the Body of Christ which are all of us alive and working for the kingdom of God in many ways. Reciting 'holy mary' fifty times takes your time away from Glorying God during your day. I tell my family and friends who do this in the Catholic church to glorify God's name 5000 times if you can glorify mary's name 50 times. I still go to catholic church because of my family. My prayer is for God to touch them so they can also be born again Christians carrying the Spirit of God in their hearts. Let's say a small prayer in our hearts to our Father right now. Let's ask Him to show us the truth simply because our hearts yearn for His Spirit in us. Our hearts desire is to obey Him and Love Him with all our might and power and strength. My intention in writing this is for you to seek the truth and be dependent only on God. Remember the enemy is a great deceiver. Do not listen to anything other than God's word as us humans can be easily deceived by the enemy. If you want scripture versus to back up what I've written please do ask and I'll be happy to share them with you.  God bless! Marlon
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So when saints die they become omnipresent (everywhere at once) and can suddenly hear any prayer said from anyone on earth? all of a sudden when saint Joseph died suddenly he could hear the prayers of someone from china and the prayers of someone from texas at the same time. Sounds unbiblical, sounds like you don't think Jesus is enough and need to add to his power by supplementing Him with Saints and Mary
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Sorry, bit this priest is twisting what it means to rightly pray.  First, by being Christians and accepting Jesus Christ as our Saviour, we have rights and privileges, and one of them is to be able to come to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ with our prayers and expect that the Father will give us the desires of our hearts, as long as it's in line with God's Word.  We don't need dead saints interceding on our behalf as if we are so powerless.  Furthermore, when one calls the prayer line or a friend to pray, it's done in the spirit of agreement and unity.  When I call my friend to pray, I'm not asking her to intercede on my behalf to the Father.  I don't need her to intercede on my behalf as if I'm so lowly, I can't pray to God the Father myself. But reaching out to others to pray is scriptural, but we do so in unity, not because we are looking for some spiritual "all-star" team to do for us what we have in Christ Jesus ourselves.
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a chhantea
I don't think this is right, If saints were people, How could they possibly hear thousands of prayer at one time??? Only God could do that. Even Jesus told us how to pray, He told us to address the Father.
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ProVida Maria
The early christians prayed for the dead. It's history. Sola scriptura doesn't work and the bible teaches against it. The early Christians didn't have the bible until many years after Christ. Tell me, if sola scriptura was legitimate, then why are there 100,000 christian denominations all over the world? As Christians we believe that there is life after death. The Catholic church is the mystical body of christ which is composed of his followers INCLUDING the saints- thus the communion of saints. You ask your friends to pray for you. Why not ask someone is right with God and holier than people on Earth? Prayer is conversation. Catholics as the saints to PRAY for them. They don't ask for mercy or forgiveness. Only God can do that. If you guys really believed in sola scriptura, then howcome some of you are not circumcised? It's in the bible. Early Jews did that as a covenant with God. The Council of Florence decided that was no longer a requirement  because they were guided by the teaching authority of the magisterium. It is encouraged repetitively in scripture to pray to those who have passed on and to ask for their prayers. You guys take the bible literally, except when Jesus said THIS IS MY BODY, THIS IS MY BLOOD. Oh, oh we could ignore that. I don't care if you choose not to follow my Church, but at least be respectful and get your facts straight.
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JR Black
Well.. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the light no one comes to the father except through me. . That sais everything.. catholicism they believe they pray through the saints..that right there goes against God's word.. and that they also pray through Mary..These people do not know God.. and they also have Jesus on the cross, this is mockery against Jesus and they don't even know it. . There is a huge evil Spirit on catholicism if they keep going this way there destination is hell...they need to wake up and Fast. .I pray for them
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Matt Dathew
i was forced to pray in catholic church for 2 yrs in a catholic school, am a protestant. i saw a woman kneel infront of an idol, put a rosery on it, closed her eyes and started praying.  God said don't worship idols........ wake up
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Although I'm no longer practicing Catholicism, I decided to look this up for some quick clarification. Personally I was raised to believe that Catholics don't pray to the Saints, they pray with them. Their canonization was due to their work for God on Earth. To pray does not mean to worship. If that's the case then there wouldn't be any need for priests or churches either because they are technically forms of idolatry. From the comments I've been reading here I think people are thinking too much over this, and it partially makes me glad I'm not religious anymore.
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