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Uploaded on Dec 28, 2011

Though widely known as a comedian and an actor, Jack Black is also a really accomplished singer. He has recently started to showcase his vocal talents properly in songs by Tenacious D, showcasing many different vocal styles more and less seriously.

Black's able to sing with a great deal of brightness tenor 'ring' to his sound, yet his lower range is very deep and rich. This makes Black a very formidable singer, the best described as a baritenor.

1. 0:00 - A brief B2 from "The Metal".
2. 0:09 - The unreleased "Jesus Farm" with Jack descending to a B2.
3. 0:16 - Singing down to B♭2 on "Classico", also with some light B4s afterwards.
4. 0:22 - Easy A2s from "Fuck Her Gently".
5. 0:36 - A2s from "City Hall".
6. 0:52 - A spoken G2 from "Double Team".
7. 1:01 - A spoken F♯2 from "The Divide".
8. 1:13 - Strong sung F2s from the unreleased "Cornerstone Player", impressive lower singing by a tenor!
9. 1:28 - Purposely low-spoken 'redneck' speaking from the hilarious music video of "Low" by Foo Fighters, Black gets couple of F2s here.
10. 1:36 - E2 from the ending of "Explosivo".
11. 1:41 - A brief E2 from "Tribute".
12. 1:54 - Much better E2 from the later part of the demo version of "Tribute", Black does this note in a pig squeal-like voice in the studio version!
13. 2:00 - Yet another spoken E2, this time from the live play "Prop 8: The Musical".
14. 2:05 - Strong D2 and growled A1 from the great (and rare) acoustic version of "Rock Your Socks".
15. 2:12 - Impressively strong D2 from "I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)" by Eagles of Death Metal.
16. 2:17 - Really baritonish voice acting from Brütal Legend with lots of solid D2s.
17. 2:33 - More voice acting from the same game, this time with a strong and deep C♯2; it is weird to hear Jack Black sounding this serious!
18. 2:37 - Intentionally spoken C♯2 while talking about Rush.
19. 2:50 - The INSANE screamed G4 (with a slide up to G♯ near the end) from Brütal Legend.
20. 3:09 - Really relaxed A4s from "Wonderboy", vocal moments like this showcase the tenor side of Jack's voice rather well.
21. 3:32 - A great G♯4, which trills up to A, from "Baby".
22. 3:47 - A fantastic A4 from "Tribute".
23. 4:01 - Easy G4 and an amazing sustained A4 from "Dude (I Totally Miss You)".
24. 4:25 - A streak of B♭4s from the ending of "Friendship".
25. 4:36 - Really light singing from "Kickapoo" topping at short B♭4.
26. 4:50 - Powerful B♭4s from "The Metal".
27. 5:07 - "City Hall" and a 'joyful' C♯5.
28. 5:19 - Fantastic singing from "Master Exploder", and a sung B4 - Powerful, indeed!
29. 5:41 - Really good B4s from "Break in-City (Storm the Gates!)".
30. 5:55 - An extremely clean tenor high C (C5) from "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy".
31. 6:08 - Fantastic singing from the cover of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" with clean A4, B♭4s and a brief C5.
32. 6:34 - An A4 - and a brief C5 too - from "Destiny"... Holy damn, that's a good melisma!
33. 6:44 - Powerful A4s and a short C5 from the cover of "Heaven on Their Minds", originally from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.
34. 7:17 - An impressive clean C♯5 from the a performance of "The Metal".
35. 7:28 - A streak of A4s, and brief D5, from "Car Chase City".
36. 7:34 - A screamed D5 from "Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)".
37. 7:41 - A D5 from the live cover of Foreigner's "Hot Blooded".
38. 7:45 - A B♭4 and screamy D5 from the live performance of "The Story of Conan O'Brien".
39. 7:54 - A yelped D5 from the live performance of "Let's Get It On". (From the movie High Fidelity)
40. 8:09 - Quick full E♭5 from the studio cover of the same song.
41. 8:16 - Finally falsetto: two powerful E5s from "The Metal".
42. 8:34 - Piercing falsetto notes topping at F5, the song is "Explosivo".
43. 8:39 - The mindblowing vocal moment from "Master Exploder", starting with a really dark B2, slowly scaling up to an F♯5.
44. 9:01 - Maniacal E5s and a G from the acoustic version of "Rock Your Socks".
45. 9:17 - The fiendish laughter, a G5, from "I Am the Warlock", Black barely sounds like himself on this song!
46. 9:28 - Whistle G6 from "Double Team".
47. 9:35 - A hilarious whistle E♭7 from a live performance of "History".
48. 9:46 - The original demo version of the song, the whistle goes up to B7.


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