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Published on Jun 26, 2012


Welcome to IGNs comprehensive Mass Effect 3 walkthrough! In this installment we show you one of the possible endings to the Extended Cut DLC. This ending is the Control Ending

Here are all of the endings:
Refuse - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTh3Ra...
Synthesis - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_JvTa...
Destroy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWhlU5...
Control - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhVhBz...

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Shepard: Hey Harbinger! Harbinger: What? Shepard: ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL! Harbinger: NOOOOOOOOOO!!
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Vladimir Akopyan
OW my!////
Conman Reloaded
Omfg i that they gave us a dialogue wheel for us to choose shepherds last words and that was one of the options
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I am the Ultimate God of the Galaxy, and this is my favourite store in the Citadel, hahahahaha, ahhh, I have to go.
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Commander Shepard
MisterCharlton The Destroy Ending plus extended ending you got right
Yeah, plus Jesus was able to come back from the dead on Easter two thousand years ago, but only because he had 5000 EMS
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ozis ponas
marauder shields never forget
Shepard: Knock knock. Harbinger: Sigh. Who's there? Shepard: Us. Harbinger: Us who...wait. Shepard: Assuming direct control! Harbinger: Ugh.
Shepard would totally pull that on harbinger after the hell he put him through
Infinexos da Finesse Boi
Russian Eagle
11:19 "And I will watch the ones who live on... Those who carry the memory of the man I once was..." This line is brilliant, even dead, Shepard cares for his team....
Commander Shepard
Ashish Kulkarni He became a literal God
Ashish Kulkarni
+Russian Trooper That is why Shepard deserves to be the controller of the reapers... He did not become a machine..
Ursine Warrior
He sacrificed himself for their sins .... wanna bet the Hanar will worship him in a few hundred years.
NOOO. Hanar still a Big stupid JELLYFISH
It kind of bothers me that every persons name plaque has a first and last name except Commander Shepard. It seems to me like it wouldn't have been that hard to just use the name you gave the character for the first name. It's only in text it's not like any of the characters have to pronounce it.
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Professional Diddler
+Jkouw Maybe they wanted to signify the Commander title.
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In my opinion, I ignore the Indoctrination Theory altogether. It was made up by a majority of the fan base who were dissatisfied with the endings. What people just don't realize is that things just have to come to an end. Bioware tried to make it clear that he dies in all endings. Now forget everything you know about the IT, pick how YOU want to end Shepard's story. This is YOUR game. YOUR world. How would you want to end this epic story? It comes down to the traditional paragon (control), renegade (destroy), and neutral (synthesis) choices. They even color-coded the decisions! They're not trying to trick you and say "Haha wrong one!" If you're second guessing yourself and you keep thinking of the breathing scene in the destroy ending it's because you WANT him to be alive. This is renegade because you just sacrificed everything synthetic for the one ultimate goal: destroying the reapers. And he comes out alive (assuming that's what the breathing scene implies). And for what? He sacrificed a species that has simply just tried to bring order to the galaxy in place of all synthetics that have helped them in the war. It's what Shepard has wanted all along. Destroy. Destroy. Destroy. Because it's all he wanted after seeing the pure destruction being caused by them. But once in the crucible/citadel, he's seen the bigger picture. He's like whoa it IS possible to control the Reapers. And he realizes that he was wrong. Players tend to think this is renegade because they're focused on the fact that the Illusive Man said this was right. And a part of them don't want to accept that "Hey, maybe Illusive Man was right and that control was a way to save humanity and everyone else." Synthesis is pretty much neutral simply because he wouldn't want to control the Reapers and he doesn't want to sacrifice all synthetics. So instead he finishes the Mass Effect story (at least his chapter of the Mass Effect story) by going straight to the end: final evolution of all organics and synthetics. Refusal to me seems to show Shepard being somewhat stubborn. He's refusing to act and makes the excuse that he's fighting for everyone's right to choose their own fate by not choosing the paths paved in front of him. But it at least makes sense since Bioware added this (I assume) in order to show that this was a real occurrence. If indoctrinated, he wouldn't be able to refuse. It shows his freedom. That he CAN act and choose his own fate. Now don't think "Oh. then that means this is the perfect ending because he would be free from indoctrination." No. Damn it. Just choose a freaking ending and stop thinking about what other people suggest about what the endings imply. So if you're reading this great job but what I was trying to get is that you shouldn't always rely on what others say and make your own decisions based on your thinking not others. Kbai.
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Ashish Kulkarni
+KyleSkies The Extended monologue makes it clear that this was the paragon choice i feel...
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The Extinct Surgeon
The Destroy ending risks organic eradication by synthetics in the future. The Control ending risks Shepard becoming a power hungry God. The Synthesis ending doesn't risk anything but is basically making a decision for the group (all LIFE). So synthesis is the best.
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Ryan Olivier
+mickeey agreed. Synthesis must be attained under each races own method. It must be forced
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Stefan S
IMAGINE IF IN ME 4 you can play as Sheparbinger
Matt Allen
which is why I like ME:A, you don't play as space Jesus
Mayra Chavez
Stefan S no you have to play as a normal guy
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