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Published on Apr 18, 2012

Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Opening & the Mercer Virus PS3 XBOX PC Let's Play (P2 Gameplay / Commentary)

Get ready for my Prototype 2 Gameplay Walkthrough with this playthrough of the first instalment of the series. Prototype Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let's Play Playthrough of Prototype with Live Gameplay and Commentary on PS3 and XBOX 360 in high definition.

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Fuad. 14fuey14
I think everyone is forgetting that "Alex" really isn't Alex Mercer. He's BLACKLIGHT, not Alex. He's not human. He doesn't have bones. He doesn't have organs. He doesn't breathe (except to pull in air to speak with). He doesn't have blood. Hell, he doesn't even wear clothes (he makes it all out of flesh). All he is is a big blobby semi-solid amorphous collection of repurposed flesh. Flesh that can make itself look like anything, in any form that it wishes. Those arms that "Heller" carelessly tossed aside are every bit as important as his head. Mercer has no "brain". All Heller did was consume half of the bowl of "jello" that was Mercer. The remaining part is just as and can liquefy and escape down any drain or through any crack in the pavement below. Now, while "Alex" doesn't have bones, organs, blood, or anything else other than a blob of flesh that he forms into whatever he needs, "Heller" DOES. Why? Because deep down, Heller still thinks he's human. "Alex" (in Prototype 1) was afraid of water, because he feared he'd drown due to his added weight. But he doesn't need to breathe. He could be killed (If you failed in Prototype 1), because he kept himself in the form of a human, and hadn't moved all of "himself" to every cell in his body. What made him "him" was still all tied up in a simulated brain, which could be destroyed. He simulated a human, because he thought he WAS human. But some time before the nuke, he realized, he wasn't human. He didn't need bones. He didn't need a brain. And as a single blob of flowing tissue, you'd have to destroy virtually every cell in his body simultaneously to actually, truly kill him. But he also knew that Heller wouldn't ever rest until he thought Alex dead. So he kept his presence in his "arms" (or perhaps he ripped a chunk off his body with his presence inside and left it in a safe spot long before the fight), formed a "brain" in the body that fought Heller and forged the info stored in that brain to convince Heller that he was dead, allowed Heller to "kill" him, and now he's safe, while Heller is entirely convinced that he'd destroyed Mercer.
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mr cat ,game collecter
i wish they can make a movie about this and i know the good actor for playing alex mercer . hayden Christian
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Hell comics
2017 anyone
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this boss is way to hard lol cant beat him :/
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Thank you for posting this walkthrough.  I have enjoyed watching this.
Silvio Roberto
pretty sure alex did not died on that helller's battle. Him is just inside. Waiting to come up. if there is a prototype 3 in future that will be the starting plot.
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i love prototype <3
Ronald Robinson
oh so the scene where they were standing on the other side of the fence of the infected when the general left in the helicopter the thing with the infected vision was the supreme hunter and it killed and consumed that guy and was leading mercer on the whole time upon till this point
Personable Person
+Scott Mathews Mercer mentions that. Presumably it's because of how he was infected with Blacklight. Also, Alex is the virus. Heller isn't.
Amir Umar
5:43 what's happen to the soldier 😂😂

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