I'm With You Ch. 8





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Published on Jan 16, 2011

The next day I got to hold them all. They were so pretty, bundled up in the white sheets, blue or pink socks and hats on their body. When they opened their eyes for the first time, I found Nick's eyes staring back up at me out of each tiny little face.

"When can we take them home?" I asked Nick, rocking Allison in my arms with Christopher asleep on my lap.

"Dr. Smith said in a couple of days, sweetie," Nick said, pecking my lips as he held Abigail. I could tell by the way Nick looked down at her that Abby was going to be a complete Daddy's Girl. I smiled to myself and looked over at Miley, who had Evan on her lap.

"He's going to by a hyper one," she said. He was holding her finger ever so lightly, gazing up at her as if he were transfixed. "He's got Nick's nose."

"Thank you?" Nick said uncertainly, causing the two of us to giggle. Ashley walked over, holding Avery. She was rocking him slightly in her arms, looking down at him.

"You have more than enough babies to go around. Can I have this one?" she asked. I giggled, shaking my head. She pouted jokingly, holding Avery closer.

"Nick...have you given any thought to that agreement we made before we found out we were having quints?" I asked, looking up at my husband as Allison fell asleep from my slow rocking her. Nick raised an eyebrow at me.

"About the pets?" Nick asked. I nodded. "Yeah, I have...I guess we have to, don't we? I mean, we promised ourselves we would get each of our children a pet. We just didn't expect five at one time. We'll get them once these guys start crawling. For now, they can cuddle with Elvis. He loves babies."

I looked around at all of my babies, thinking that my life was about to get chaotic.
"Ugh!" Nick and I awoke with simultaneous groans as the baby monitor on the side table went off. We haven't had a full night's sleep in weeks. And tonight wasn't any different. I slid out of bed, as did Nick. We both slouched to the nursery and flipped on the light.

Avery and Evan were the ones awake. I picked up Evan as Nick picked up our oldest boy. We rocked them in our arms, bouncing them slightly, trying to quiet them before they woke their siblings up. The last thing we needed at one in the morning was five crying babies.

Evan fell back asleep in my arms. I made sure he was completely out before laying him back in his crib. Nick was having serious trouble with Avery. I giggled slightly. Nick looked more tired than I felt. He had had a full day of press for his and his brothers' album release. He hadn't gone to bed until eleven. He needed to sleep. Carefully, I took our son from him and nudged him out of the room. I was able to get Avery asleep in just a few short minutes.

I smiled at our babies one last time before flipping the light off and going back to my bedroom. The soft bed was cool and inviting. I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I noticed the next morning when I woke up in Nick arms at half past ten that we had company. The babies were usually awake around seven or eight, and no later than that. I slid out of bed, being careful not to wake Nick, and made my way downstairs after brushing my teeth.

Hunter and Miley were in the living room with all of them, including Shelby. All of them were peaceful in their swings, but it was obvious that they were hungry. "I guess my job is calling?" I asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

"Yeah, they're pretty hungry. What's worse, they wouldn't take the bottles," Miley said, nodding to five bottles of milk on the side table. I giggled, sitting next to her as Hunter picked Avery up out of his swing and placed him in my arms.

"They don't drink from bottles unless it's the middle of the night when they wake up crying, and even then it's pretty rare," I said. I helped Avery find what he was looking for through the small hole in my nightgown and he started to drink.

"I thought we'd let you and Nick sleep," Hunter said, picking Shelby up and holding her against his chest. "You two have looked dreadful the past couple of weeks."

"We haven't had any sleep," I said, looking down at Avery. "It's always one or two of them that wake up crying. We've only had to deal with all of them at once, once. It was torture. Allison was the last to finally fall back asleep. Nick actually fell asleep in the rocking chair with her on his lap."

"I bet that was an adorable site," Miley giggled.

"Oh, it was," I said, grinning. "I got a picture of it."


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