Absolute Zero run (No Augs, No Items, No Takedowns) - Deus Ex: Human Revolution





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Published on Jun 27, 2012

Stealthy speed run of Deus Ex: Human Revolution with no augs upgraded, no items or weapons used and no takedowns performed.
1) No augmentation upgrades aka "Factory Zero". Using of the Hacking: Capture Level 1 available by default was allowed.
2) Empty inventory throughout the whole game. No weapons of any kind and no energy or healing items either.
3) No takedowns, lethal or non-lethal (and no exception for Namir). No killing of regular enemies through any other means.
4) "Dirty" ghosting: distractions and brief detection ("alarmed" from humans or bots and "suspicious" from cameras) were allowed as long as no one got hostile and I received Ghost and Smooth Operator bonuses.
5) "Give me Deus Ex" difficulty.

1) Physics glitches were allowed. The clipping glitch was used twice: for Fedorova's fight (mandatory) and Hyron project (unavoidable under "no detection" rule). "Fire extinguisher landing system" (TM) was used several times for fun and giggles.
2) Using physical objects (crates, fire extinguishers, explosive barrels) to deal damage was allowed.
3) For my own personal amusement I tried to lead as many story characters to their demise as I could -- without killing them directly, of course.

1) I missed 1 Ghost bonus because of the bots in the TYM hangar. Avoidable, but would require ~90 minutes of throwing a crate / hiding from a bot for 30 seconds / repeating. Letting the bots see me allowed to do complete this section in about 10 minutes.
2) I had to lower difficulty to "Tell me a story" for the fight with Yelena Fedorova. Technically it *is* possible to defeat her on "Give me Deus Ex" difficulty with the same strategy I used in the video, but that would take 2-3 hours instead of 5 minutes, because her health points are almost doubled on GMDE. And hitting her with a crate does veeeery little damage (like 1/50th of a single hit from a stun gun). I decided that she wasn't worth my time.

Check these sites for a full description and comments:

00:00 Prologue + Sarif HQ 1
04:07 Sarif plant
10:18 Sarif HQ 2, LIMB clinic
14:17 Police station
17:17 Adam's apartment
18:55 DRB territory
22:35 FEMA camp
27:40 Lawrence Barrett bossfight
29:15 Sarif HQ 3
31:45 Hengsha, Windmill's Hotel
36:35 The Hive
38:23 Alice Garden Pods
42:15 Tai Yong Medical
51:40 TYM Hangar: Boxguards (~10 minutes in real-time)
57:00 Upper Picus
01:04:10 Lower Picus
01:11:10 Yelena Fedorova bossfight
01:17:20 Detroit, 2nd visit
01:20:07 Convention center
01:23:18 Sandoval's hideout
01:26:45 Leaving Detroit + Sarif HQ 4
01:29:35 Construction site
01:32:15 Harvester's hideout
01:37:27 Old noodle factory (Explosive Mission Pack DLC)
01:43:30 Hengsha, reporting to Tong
01:45:10 Belltower's port
01:47:47 Omega Ranch
01:59:50 Jaron Namir bossfight (23 minutes in real-time)
02:07:03 Panchaea
02:10:05 Hugh Darrow
02:18:30 Taggart's section
02:21:20 Sarif's section
02:25:45 Bridge to the elevator
02:29:00 Hyron Project
02:31:10 Ending


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