Real Ghost caught on video (The Haunting Tape 02)





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Published on Sep 10, 2010

The video documents new paranormal activity that has started at my residence. In the video I heard the ghostly footage steps during recording and saw the door slam. However it was not until I played back the video tape that I saw the ghost of the little girl. The ghost of the little girl appears and disappears during the taping. Since this recording more has happened and I will record it to document this paranormal activity.

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Hiteshree Pandya
why ghosts always in white cloths lol.... i wanna know dat
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Adam Bell
Hiteshree Pandya so true
Olivia Unknown
well, this is somewhat true, but ghosts represent the light. The afterlife, the realm of light and darkness. Some have died wearing colours and returned in white, others just died with a night dress or sorts. It also looks spooky and traits the spirit if they wear white
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I remember watching this when I was 10 made me shit my pants
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mia runnals
jackso nite16
Pippa Sykes in the 5th grade this scared the shit out of me😢😢😢😢😭😭
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A nice video you made, that was more tense then todays paranormal films "not to mention names""""" but  anyway to follow up on someone's comment down below, a ghost isn't always white, its just how Hollywood portrays them, there is many sightings like The lady in Blue, Red, White, Grey and so on... Have any of you seen a ghost?
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Morgan Kingaming
+Robbie Keil​ nice story
Robbie Keil
+Morgan Kingaming after i watched this video suddenly my grandma got murderd with no evidence.ive never seen her in my house but i have seen out in dark ares when they found my grandmas body we had a funeral at the north town spring grave yard.that is when i was drinking water just after the funeral we went home/i live in apartments im only 10 but when my little nieces came over they said cam we go play in the sand.so i was like sure why not im bored of call of duty.i went outside with them.but what i just dont get is that when i looked across the street it was my dead grandma.i know for sure i had a very close look.she looked at me as if i wasnt there/and i said hey guys dont you see that.they looked at me.they said see what? i looked back nothing was there.so i got creeped out i was like lets inside.3 or so hours later i notice them begging me to take them outside.so we go outside.mom says were goin to walmart come on.so im like sure ok im coming.we get there we buy food.but when we checked out the cashier was white female black hair in her face just as the video desribed white shirt,she was wearing it was covered in dirt as if she hadnt had a shower in weeks.i whispered to my mom why she so ratty/mom said shes beutiful. ??? what!! i look at mom she sais dont you love her red velvet sweater.pretty bow in the hair.i look,still the horrifying girl.i shiver.a bag of hot cheetos catchesw my tenciion.i said mom can we buy those.she said ok. i go bag it up in are cart i look at the cashier 1 more time.she had a red velvet sweater pretty bow i look behind me.pweeh something falls from the shelf we need to go mom i said.we leaved when i was in the car i looked back there was a car following us the driver had black hair and a white shirt with dirt.i still cry at night for my grandma as i hear the horrifying whispers of the girls with black hair saying "its all over now' i dont know what to do but i close my eyes tight thing happiest thought i can think at that time.i woke up a slit in my wrist as if i cutted it. i told my mom we moved but one you have her.shes forever
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Mihael Kusić
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Kirstin Yaroma
Mihael Kusić why is that a meme?!?! lol
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Daver Son
I remember watching this when I was 97 and I shit my pants, but I shit my pants all the time these days.
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Twiggy dred
Daver Son you OLD asf
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Verisimilitude Dude
GUYS!!!  PAY ATTENTION TO THE CATEGORY UNDER THE DESCRIPTION!!!  It says:  Category  Science Fiction, Action & Adventure, Entertainment.  It is produced by Iron Street Media.  It's all fake.  Relax and go to bed, pee, whatever... hopefully not the peeing and the bed thing at the same time...
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Martin Lee
Stfu is fake and stupid
+Darth Simba Of course everyone will have their own opinion i respect your opinion but i will say to you to remember your words.  I believe in my lord and their are testimonies to prove that my lord is real.   When the time comes and everyone will be judged remember your words for it will be too late for you to proclaim that God is real and for him to have mercy on you.  Revelation 22:13 look that up.  
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2D is a precious cinnamon roll
If I were that little girl running up the stairs back and forth I would be like "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you mad bro?"
Keiivyy S-P
Jack Pandalord
GODDAMNIT The only moment I jumped is when the music began to play at the end..
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heavydirtyjushdon ks
Elliot Zenodro
hahahahahaha you made me jump in laughter lol
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Bisexual Witch Ahni
Even though I know it's fake, I still get chills from this shit!
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Marina Guerin
sa fait pas peur
Teddy Suarez
I know! It also scares me because my house is old and I hear things. I'm a little late to reply, but I had to.
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Adrianne Bajon
your daughter has long hair
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