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Published on Nov 7, 2011

Richard Alley uses basic and incontrovertible physics and chemistry to show that the rise in CO2 is due to humans burning fossil fuels.

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What is religion? The belief in something for which there is no evidence, correct? But there is overwhelming evidence for AGW. And there is little evidence for Denial of AGW (DAGW?) So DAGW is the new religion. It's high priests are typically uneducated talk show pundits.
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lol says50000years is the halflife of c-14.......but its 5730 years..if hes wrong on this subject why is he right in wtf hes saying
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I hope the deniers will listen to these videos and undestand that climate science is based on solid foundation of evidence.
We have established that "trace" does not matter, Michelle Bachman. You can stop saying that. Yes, plants use it in a cycle: we breathe it, they absorb it. There is no cycle for "old" plants (aka fossil fuels) and we can see that from the isotopes of Carbon in the atmosphere (C14 is declining as is O2). Satellites can also see a drop in the infrared radiation coming off earth in the CO2 absorption range. You'd know all this if you would only use the internet.
You didn't look at the Wikipedia article at all did you? You didn't drill down and examine the references because you don't trust Wikipedia did you? You didn't look at the statements from all of the science academies from around the world because they are all part of a giant conspiracy to control the world and tax the good people of America. Right? The climate criminals and denialist information you adhere to have rotted your brain and destroyed your capacity for rational dialog.
Do me a favor & go to "Scientific Opinion on Climate Change" on Wikipedia. It's 98% on one side. The people you name are either oil-paid, creationists or have no credentials. Are you serious? I think people like you who are the stooges of big coal and the unwitting criminals. At least the rest of us are trying to save the planet for our grandchildren. Selfish charlatan!
AGW Denial's high priests are Monckton, Christy and John Coleman -- all climate criminals as are you. How does it feel to betray the human race and serve Exxon? Oh, the whole story is here "Climate change denial" in Wikipedia. The industry funding, the fudged credentials, the muddying of public debate -- obviously all of these things are working on you and other weak minds. Really sad that we have to save you grandchildren also. 
It is because of people like you, who prefer your own opinion to that of people who take the time to study reality, that humans will vanish from this universe.
That is the crux of the problem - yes. However, I think there are videos somewhere that show the temperature increase we are seeing has a direct correlation WITH that increase in CO2. This tells us how exquisitely sensitive our atmosphere is. I don't know about anyone else, but this fact in itself makes me worry about where our food will come from in the near future.
This should have 10 millon views instead of 893. What a shame.
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